ReadOnTouch Pocket-Client Client for the PlayBook (aka ReadItLater)

Sven let us know that he has released ReadOnTouch PRO for the PlayBook. ReadOnTouch is a WebWorks based client for the popular Pocket-Client (previously known as but now service. Pocket-Client lets you save content to read later especially offline. ReadOnTouch is a nice interface for the service which makes it easier to read…


Somyeol Jump and Run Gets Full Free Version for PlayBook Gaming

We mentioned the released of Somyeol Jump and Run on the PlayBook back in January. Brain Connected let us know that they have now released a free ad supported version of the game for all to play. As we said before this game is what they call a “2D Puzzle Platformer” which is sort of…


Diary Pro Offers a Beautiful PlayBook App With Pictures & Audio

  Infinite Appz let us know on Twitter about their latest PlayBook app called Diary Pro. Their take on a diary helps you easily keep your diary full of content while remaining private and it looks good while doing so. The app is really easy to use and you can even take shortcuts by leaving…


Free Compose Email PlayBook App Is Like A Homescreen Shortcut

  One of the things I have been missing on my PlayBook is homescreen shortcuts. RIM is going to open up some of the API’s necessary for developers to integrate apps with the PlayBook OS and native Email, Calendar, and Contacts but that has not stopped devs from trying. The same bloke who won our…


Bloom Defender Tower Defense Game for the PlayBook

I truly enjoy playing tower defense style games which is why I had to try Bloom Defender. The game is quite entertaining on my PlayBook where you try to setup a defense of trees to protect the mother tree from elemental spirits. There are 36 levels to bust through and multiple different baddies and spells…


AMC Releases Very Simple Mad Men Job Interview App for PlayBook

Its nice to see AMC releasing apps for the PlayBook at the same time as their Android and Kindle counterparts but it does make me wish they would try harder. Donny from RIM pointed out that AMC has posted up their Mad Men Job Interview app for the PlayBook along with other devices. The interview…


Remote Spark Ports VNC & Remote Desktop RDP Apps to PlayBook (Android)

Do you remember how hard it was to find an RDP (Remote Desktop) or VNC client when the PlayBook first came out? Now there are multiple options in App World with the latest coming from Remote Spark. They have ported their very popular Remote RDP Enterprise and Remove VNC Pro Android apps to the PlayBook…


PlayStation Emulator Ported to the PlayBook (PCSX-ReARMed-PB)

  I have to give a big shout out to Catalystg for releasing a Playstation emulator for the BlackBerry PlayBook. The PCSX-ReARMed-PB lets you play (legal!) Playstation v1 games on your PlayBook. There are a few incompatibilities that users are running into but Catalystg has a great thread going on CrackBerry forums about the release….

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