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Build Your Own Universe With WorldCraft For the PlayBook (Minecraft Clone)

SolverLabs has made a name for itself over the years of creating professional clones of popular games from other platforms. After we mentioned “Revenge of the Pigs” Jason let me know that SolverLabs has another hit called WorldCraft that slipped under the radar. WorldCraft is a clone of the very popular Minecraft game on other…


FlyCraft Now Available Exclusively for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Pop Corny released their FlyCraft game this week exclusively to the PlayBook while the east coast of the US got battered by Sandy. The game allows you to build flying machines out of anything you can think of and see if your flying contraption will actually take off or crash like a bad paper airplane….


Get Pandora On Your PlayBook With Free Third Party Apollo Client

Sadly Pandora has not released a client for the PlayBook yet but thankfully Apollo is coming to us from WebOS. Bla1ze @CrackBerry spotted the third party Pandora client in App World which is made using EnyoJS and is working with a few bugs on the PlayBook. It is free which is nice and makes it…


Get Shadowgun & CreaVures Free for Your PlayBook Before October 31st!!!

For those of you who have not already downloaded Union’s Shadowgun and CreaVures for your PlayBook I would highly recommend doing it ASAP. RIM has teamed up with Union to offer us these two games free but time is running out on this offer. Shadowgun and CreaVures are only free until October 31st. After that…


RIM’s Free Marmalade SDK Offer For Developers Closed Due to “Exceptional Demand”

Its nice to see developers taking advantage of the incentives RIM is using to ignite development for BlackBerry 10. Just over a month ago they announced a program for developers to receive a free copy of the Marmalade SDK along with a free BlackBerry PlayBook if they develop and release their app on BlackBerry App…


Bullet Time Epic Action Game Comes to the BlackBerry PlayBook!!!

  Bullet Time by Kiloo is an awesome “epic action adventure story” that is awesome to play. Union let us know that the game was going to be available soon and we are happy to report that it is out NOW! The game has you living in a post apocalyptic world as John Irish and…


BlackBerry PlayBook OS Now Available!

That came out of left field. RIM has released a quick update for the BlackBerry PlayBook OS bringing it to v2.1.0.1088. The update is about 79 Megabytes so its not a complete overhaul and probably makes use of QNX’s differential updates. There is no word on what is in the update since the description is…


Ovogame Launches Smiley’s Pop For the PlayBook With 8 More Games Coming

  I always love reading about developers appreciating the simplistic yet powerful tooling for the PlayBook and BlackBerry 10. Its like night and day from just a year ago in BlackBerry Java development.The latest example was spotted by James @CrackBerry with UK based developer Ovogame. They just ported one of their popular iOS games to…

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