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Awesome & Free Origami Browser for the PlayBook Updated to v1.0.2

The hardworking developers behind the awesome and free Origami browser for the BlackBerry PlayBook keep on chugging along. So far they have schooled BlackBerry on how to make a proper browser for the PlayBook with a Google Chrome like interface. Now they are working on refinements with this update to v1.0.2 adding more gestures, tab…


BlackBerry Confirms Miracast Not Coming to BlackBerry Z10 – Wi-Fi Direct Still Supported

Some of you may know Miracast as an open standard that was made to take on Apple’s AirPlay Mirroring. It has been slow getting off the ground with only a small subset of TV’s supporting it but you can easily get a dongle that will work with any TV. BlackBerry is adding support for Miracast…


Unity Updates A Bunch of Their Games for the BlackBerry Z10

Unity has updated quite a few of their BlackBerry PlayBook games to now run on the BlackBerry Z10. This is on top of the games that they have already developed for the Z10. This includes Smash Cops, Bullet Time, and more. You can check out the whole list over in BlackBerry World.


Got BlackBerry 10? Prepare To Be SideSwyped! You’ll Love It!

Ever since the BlackBerry PlayBook was released, side loading using an application on your computer such as DDPB, the bars of your choice, and a cable with our BlackBerry PlayBook have been used. BlackBerry 10 came out, and we have all been used to the sideloading method. I can’t even begin to tell you how…


Video Pro For BlackBerry 10 Devices By Toysoft

The camera and media handling capability on the BlackBerry 10 devices have improved leaps and bounds over the legacy devices. So much so that the device is now even able to handle video making like Story Maker. Now, Toysoft has stepped up the game with Video Pro, which allows you to add any custom texture…


Have a BlackBerry PlayBook? Origami Browser Will Breath New Life Into It! (Free)

  I have been following an interesting development where the CrackBerry forums community has banded together to support a new browser for the discarded BlackBerry PlayBook. I have to say I am HUGELY impressed with the results. The Origami Browser is a totally native browser for the BlackBerry PlayBook that really blows away the native…


Six Months Later… Is it the BlackBerry ZED 10 or ZEE 10?

We told you a little over six months ago that the BlackBerry Z10 had a funny pronunciation conundrum. According to BlackBerry they were going to pronounce it ZED 10 everywhere but the US where it would be called the ZEE 10. Since then I have been fighting the powers that be and trying to pronounce…


BlackBerry Q10 Extra Battery Charger Bundle Now $36 Shipped – Z10 Model Only $30 (Amazon)

I have been keeping my eye on the prices of the awesome BlackBerry Extra Battery Charger Bundles for both the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10. The prices started at around $50 but now they are closer to $30. These bundles include both an extra battery for your device along with a charging pod that also doubles…

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