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9700 Bold

New Sphere Theme from Hedone Design

It’s been a little quiet for theme submissions lately but then poof, they all come in at once. The latest design to come out of Hedone Design is called Sphere. Take note, this is a very simple, grey/black colored theme but with luminous (almost glowing) blue accents. I wouldn’t say I fell head over heels…


BlackBerry Bold 9700 OS Found Online

While I know most BlackBerry Bold 9700 users are waiting for OS 6.0 to leak for them this is a bit of nice news. The team at BBLeaks managed to score OS for the 9700. According to their sources this might be the last OS update before OS 6.0 starts coming out. Download OS…


B3 Theme from Hedone Design Is All Business

I can’t keep up with Hedone Design and all the themes they’ve been pumping out lately but their latest, B3 did catch my eye. A very business like theme (which it was meant to be) with soft grey colors and OS 6 icons B3 offers a center Today screen for calendar, messages and missed calls…


New ICONIC Theme from BerryMobi!

This latest theme release, ICONIC, from BerryMobi is pretty wild to say the least. I love the muted blue colors and luminous OS 6.0 icons. This is a no-nonsense theme for sure but it doesn’t lack in elegance and style. As the screen shot above indicates, there’s a lot of icons on the home screen…


BlackBerry 9780 Spotted in White

Its nice to see that RIM is staying with the white color option for the upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9780. The team at BerryCN managed to snag some pictures of a white BlackBerry Bold 9780 posing for the camera. Nothing really crazy to see but RIM is launching the white variant of models closer and closer…


Video of BlackBerry 6 on the BlackBerry Bold 9700

I am impressed! RIM has really done a number with BlackBerry 6 for the BlackBerry Bold 9700. The BoyGenius scored some great footage of BlackBerry 6 running on the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and it seems to be snappy. I thought that it would be much slower than the Torch but it turns out it can…


OtterBox Releases Pink “Strength” Case for BlackBerry Bold 9700

Since WES OtterBox has been pushing hard with their “Strength” case line which benefits the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade. 10% of the purchase price from each OtterBox Commuter Series “Strength” case will go to support finding a cure for breast cancer and advancing cancer care. What is truly impressive is that to date OtterBox has…


BlackBerry Bold 9780 Training Slides Leaked

Anybody else getting used to RIM slightly altering some internal specs and releasing a revision instead of a new device? They did it with the Storm, Curve, Tour, and now with the Bold 9700. We knew that the BlackBerry Bold 9780 was coming but this latest training slide deck leaked by the BoyGenius shows us…

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