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9650 Bold

BlackBerry Bold 9650 OS Officially Released by Alltel

BlackBerry Bold 9650 users have been languishing with some pretty buggy OS releases. Verizon’s latest was not so bad but still suffers from bugs. BBLeaks just spotted a new official release from Alltell bringing the latest OS to v5.0.0.810. Hopefully this solves some of the issues people were having. Download @ BlackBerry.com Warning: If you…


Advanced Users: Driphter Releases 9630 & 9650 Dv12 ( Hybrids

NOTE: These hybrids are meant only for advanced users since you really can screw up your device if you install them wrong and you wont get any support from RIM. Proceed at your own risk! We told you yesterday that Driphter has publicly released their v6.1 OS builds for some devices but now the BlackBerry…


Verizon Makes OS Official for Bold 9650 – Tour 9630 Getting Update Soon

As predicted Verizon pushed out OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9650 over the weekend. It is available now through wireless update and through desktop manager but has yet to hit Verizon’s download page. Rumor has it that the BlackBerry Tour 9630 will also get an update to OS today which is hinted on…


Verizon Pushes for 9650

As Ronen mentioned yesterday, the update to the newly released BlackBerry Bold 9650 was released today. The release time that we saw was scheduled for around 6 pm EST. Well about a half hour early, I decided to check and see if by chance someone at Big Red pushed the button a bit early… Well…


Verizon Set To Make OS Official for BlackBerry Bold 9650

Well if you didn’t catch the leak earlier this week then you might want to wait for Verizon to put the finishing touches on OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9650. The team at BBLeaks got some confirmation that Verizon will be pushing it out today which is nice. This new version will add push…


Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9650 Now Available Online With & Without a Camera

We knew this was coming but its nice when carriers actually release devices on time. The retail price for the 9650 is a bit high at $509.99 and Verizon is going to have quite a few angry Tour 9630 users begging/screaming for a free upgrade. The device goes down to $149.99 with a 2 year…


Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9650 Official! Coming Tomorrow!

There has been a long wait for the BlackBerry Bold 9650 and it is finally almost over. Verizon has finally officially announced the BlackBerry Bold 9650 which will be available for sale online on June 3rd and in stores starting June 10th. It will also allow users to tether their BlackBerry using their GlobalAccess Connect…

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