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9630 Tour

RIM Mentions & Deletes Unannounced BlackBerry Tour 9650 on Facebook

If you have any doubts left that RIM is releasing the BlackBerry Tour 9650 (codename Essex) soon then this so resolve them. Adam over @CrackBerry spotted a note that RIM put on the Facebook page today stating: "The BlackBerry Tour 9650 is coming! Check back soon for official news!" RIM then promptly deleted the note……


New ‘Keen’ Theme from Elecite

Colorful abstract graphics that seem to ‘swish’ across your screen and a pop-up today screen that magically appears when you press the ‘space’ bar make me sorta keen on Keen. This latest release offers an interesting and simplistic look with a unique home screen set-up. Though I’m not someone who loves intricate themes, I found…


New ‘Heart Chick’ Theme by Ninja Themes is Smoking Hot!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day is Ninja‘s latest the release, Heart Chick. This is a girly theme for sure and it’s packed with slick accents and sexy style. Being one of the beta testers of this theme allowed me to see first hand the attention to detail the Ninja put into it. The black…


Premium ArtisticBB Theme for the 8900, 9000, 9630 & 9700

Miguel from BB-Freaks is shooting out themes like crazy and one of his latest ones, ArtisticBB follows the same idea of his previous ones. Featuring a wooden fence background with green ivy growing in its midst, there are cute little artistic drawings that adorn the wall (these drawings being icons for various apps – see…


Rumor: BlackBerry Tour 9630 Stock Dwindling @ Best Buy

The rumor mill is at it again with this latest rumor dropped by the BoyGenius. On of his “Trusted sources” let him know that Best Buy locations are selling out of the BlackBerry Tour 9630 and will not have their stock refilled. That is pretty crazy since the Tour only came out 6-8 months ago…


New Halcyon Theme from Elecite

Roland from Elecite let me know about their new theme called Halcyon. According to Elecite, “Halcyon is slick, organized and oh so pretty. It comes with a bottom dock that houses 9 locked and ordered application icons: contacts, messages, calendar, tasks, memo, profiles, browser, facebook and twitter (ubertwitter). Each icon will show a beautiful over-sized…


BlackBerry Tour 9630 & Storm 9530 OS Officially Released

I know these were leaked a bit back but Tom let me know that MTS Mobility has officially released OS for the 9630 and 9530. Pretty cool stuff though I don’t think there is a point in upgrading if you already have the leaked beta. Download @ BlackBerry.com Please confirm in the comments if…


New Sleek Boundless Theme from Ninja Themes – 50 Free Copies!

Yes he’s back…and rockin his awesome Ninja like theme skills with his latest release, Boundless. Since I am one of the beta testers Ninja Themes, I can confirm that the Ninja makes sure all his themes go through extensive beta testing. He’s a perfectionist, but the results are always worth it. Once again, Boundless, like…

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