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9500 Storm

BlackHole – Free Storm Game from S4BB

S4BB let us know that they have released an free game for Storm users. I am not a Storm user myself so I did not get a chance to play it but the game looks fun. Its a little free game where you need to navigate at least half of the shown objects into a…


9530 Storm OS Found Online!

Jerry let me know that he spotted OS for the Storm on CrackBerry Forums. This leak seems to original from another site but the boys in the forums put up their own mirror download sites. One of them kindly ripped out the RIM Tools that is included in the download. If you still find…


9500 Storm OS Officially Released by A1

It looks like A1 has gone and updated the OS for the 9500 GSM Storm. This new update is the latest I have seen so far in the 4.7 series so it should be worth a download. Download @ A1 (First link on this page) Please confirm in the comments if this works for you…


BerryScroll Adds “Flick” Scrolling to Browser, Contacts, Phone, & Media Player

BellShare released a different kind of BlackBerry app called BerryScroll. The purpose of the app is to bring iPhone like “Flick” scrolling to the BlackBerry. In case you don’t know “Flick” scrolling is when you flick your finger up and down and the screen scrolling accelerates and then slows down. Personally I find the flick…


Premium ‘Digital’ theme from Hedone Design!

Hedone Design is back with their latest theme release called Digital. A mixture of colorful, swirly images and sleek bottom icons, Digital costs $6.99 and is available for a variety of BlackBerry devices. I am playing with the Bold version as I write this and this theme offers all the charm and swiftness that Hedone…


Premium *Prime* Theme from Cocky Culture – 50 Free Copies!

Tony from Cocky Culture is a pretty cool guy as he likes to do theme giveaways often. This latest theme is called *Prime* and is probably one of his more tamer theme styles. On the home screen you have a side hidden dock of various application names and a right side dock of 4 customizable…


Slacker Optimized for BlackBerry Storm – 2x Improved Battery Life

Slacker let us know that they updated their application for the BlackBerry Storm to improve Battery life. They claim it has been improved to offer up to twice as much battery life when streaming over 3G. Full details: Improved battery life up to 2x (over previous versions) while streaming (Slacker has seen Storm devices playing…


Premium Windows Mobile 7 Theme from MBCustomz

Though he took a little break from theme designing, Greg over at MBCustomz seems to be back in full swing with his latest release Windows Mobile 7. A mixture of rich blue graphics and colorful icons, Windows Mobile’s home screen has a hidden dock (amount of icons varies between device) and an all around fresh…

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