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8900 Curve

Free Rock Band Theme for the BlackBerry Bold

Luis (aka PooterMobile) has his own spot at PimpMyBerry.Com where he vaults all his BlackBerry themes. He really wanted me to let you know about one of his more recent designs called, Rock Band. Now, he knows I’m not much of a gamer but since many of you are, and since he’s real proud of…


Premium GrassBB Hidden Theme or the 8900, 9000 & 9630

BTDesign emailed me over one of their recent themes called GrassBB. It’s a Hidden Today Theme that is all dewy grass and soft blue skies. I haven’t tested this theme out myself yet but as you can see, the battery/signal meters as well as the time and date are all neatly set up at the…


Premium LineUp Theme from Artistic-Me.Com

Brandy from Artistic-Me, sent in her latest theme series called, LineUp. Available for the 8900, 9000 & 9630, LineUp comes in 2 different styles; Bottom Zen & Plus. I did not get a version of this theme to test, so I can’t give a specific review but as a rule, Brandy’s themes run very well…


Hot New ‘Linear’ theme from Ninja Themes – on sale for $1.00!

Guys and gals, I gotta tell ya. I’ve been testing this theme out for a while now on my Bold (along with other beta testers) and Linear is, by far, one of the smoothest running and gorgeous looking themes I have ever used. Designed by the Ninja himself (Ninja Themes), Linear is available for the…


Premium Onyx Fusion Theme from Ahead of the Curve Designs

Larry’s back…taking his continually popular Fusion theme series and creating a version called Onyx. I have to be honest, besides the obvious like a different wallpaper, I’m not sure what the differences are but below is some info from the description. I will say that the version I tested on my Bold, worked extremely well….as…


Premium Chalkboard Theme for the 8900 & 9000

Jennifer from Cool BlackBerry Themes has one of the largest theme sites around. One of her latest themes, Chalkboard comes just in time for the start of school. I played around with this theme on my Bold and it’s clean, fast and well-executed. A home screen of (9) customizable ‘iphone like’ icons and cool ‘etchy’…


Premium ‘Digital’ theme from Hedone Design!

Hedone Design is back with their latest theme release called Digital. A mixture of colorful, swirly images and sleek bottom icons, Digital costs $6.99 and is available for a variety of BlackBerry devices. I am playing with the Bold version as I write this and this theme offers all the charm and swiftness that Hedone…


Premium *Prime* Theme from Cocky Culture – 50 Free Copies!

Tony from Cocky Culture is a pretty cool guy as he likes to do theme giveaways often. This latest theme is called *Prime* and is probably one of his more tamer theme styles. On the home screen you have a side hidden dock of various application names and a right side dock of 4 customizable…

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