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BlackBerryFAQ Posts Step-by-Step 8800 Disassembly Guide

BlackBerryFAQ.com has released a great new resource for disassembling your BlackBerry 8800. This is useful if you want to change cases, clean out some dust, or just see the guts of your BlackBerry. This is a perfect guide to accompany all the parts sold on the Cellular Nationwide Network aftermarket BlackBerry parts store. The disassembly…


CactusLocate – New GPS Tracking Application For BlackBerry

I was just tipped off that we may have a new GPS tracking application coming for BlackBerry devices called Cactus Locate. So far the application seems to be in Beta and there is no mention of price but its good to see that developers are working on squeezing every ounce of potential out of our…


British Drivers Warned Not To Trust GPS Navigation Devices

Andrew Hough at Reuters wrote an interesting article on new warning signs being put up in South Wales. These graphic signs warn drivers to not to trust their GPS devices when it comes to navigation. This is the first time I have ever heard of such a thing and thought it would interest all of…


FAQ: BlackBerry Copy and Paste Keyboard Shortcut

Question: Is there a way to copy and paste on my BlackBerry without using the menu? Answer: Yes there is actually a way to copy and paste on your BlackBerry without using the menu. The way you do it is as simple as 1-2-3: Select the text you wish to copy using the “Num” key…


BlackBerry 8820 WiFi-Berry Lauched Today On AT&T

BoyGenius is reporting that the new BlackBerry 8820 will be showing up in AT&T stores starting today. As an AT&T customer I will be waiting to get my hands on one of these baby’s. I can’t wait to put the new WiFi capabilities to the test and see how useful they truly are. The 882o…


Free Leopard Today Theme For BlackBerry 8100 / 8300 / 8700 / 8800 – By ImBen

ImBen has released a free Leopard (Mac OS 10.5) like theme for most of the new BlackBerry OS 4.2.1 devices. The theme comes in two flavors, one has a today screen and the other does not. Personally I love certain parts of the themes but wish others would be better. The theme has a great…


Moving Map – Another Free GPS Application For BlackBerry

Moving Map is another free GPS application that is just starting to show some support for BlackBerry devices. They claim on their website that they now support the BlackBerry 8800 (With limitations). Moving Map is actually targeted towards people in the aviation industry with this the first application they have released. The main feature of…


TrackMyJourney – Free GPS Tracking For Your BlackBerry

TrackMyJourney is a free web based GPS tracking solution. They do have a beta version of the application that runs on your 8800 series BlackBerry and makes use of the internal GPS. To be honest this program and website are quite complex and has features that I don’t quite understand but I know enough to…

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