4 Great New OS 4.5 Themes For 8100, 8300, & 8800

These themes just keep on rolling in! I am so impressed at the way that these have been looking, they keep getting better and better! Michael, over at BlackBerryThemes.co.uk, let me know that he has 4 new OS 4.5 themes out for FREE on his website. Again, these themes are only available via Desktop Download,…


Free Apple Leopard Custom Zen Theme For 8300 & 8800

Lauren let us know about this slick new Leopard knockoff theme on Themes4BB. It is a great Bottom dock theme by Amusic that replicates the Leopard experience. Not much more to say beyond that. The icons are slick but a bit small and the text is a bit blocky but other than that it is…


3 Free OS 4.5 Themes For 8100, 8300, 8700, & 8800

Peter just let me know that they released three free OS 4.5 themes for the BlackBerry. This brings back the Precision L theme that many of you have been looking for since it got pulled previously. eVeek also threw in two other themes that look quite good. They are available for OTA and desktop download…


Commercial Reflex Plus Theme For 8100, 8300, & 8800

Bplay released a slick Reflex 2.0 theme a few weeks ago but Robby let me know about a reiteration that Bplay has just released. It is called Reflex Plus and looks absolutely stunning. It is a “Next Gen” today plus theme with a bottom dock that IS customizable! The theme looks really cool and really…


Commercial FlowBerry Theme For 8100, 8300, & 8800

Mo just let me know that Bplay has released a slick new FlowBerry theme to follow up on their ground breaking crossbar theme. The theme has a slick coverflow-like menu bar that just looks awesome. Sadly you can not configure the coverflow menu yourself but it does include: Messages, Calendar, Address Book, Media, SMS, BlackBerry…


Free Urban Groove OS 4.5 Theme For 8300, 8700, & 8800

Cmccrary released a slick new theme using the new Plazmic CDK. He created the same theme in a couple different variations. Different strokes and all. The themes look nice and clean and the blue highlighting actually looked pretty good with a couple of my Backgrounds. Nothing extravagant but still shows off what you can do…


Free Aero Berry Theme For The 8300 & 8800

Here is a nice theme called Aero Berry by MonkeyBizIU, over at PinStack. The theme has a really nice background like the one for Vista, but in a dark color. The icons look much like the Vista icons, making the theme look sharp and clean. This theme comes in different styles such as Today, Icon…


4 Free OS 4.5 Themes For 8100, 8300, & 8800

Michael Small just let me know that he published 4 different themes created with the new Plazmic 4.5 beta. These themes require OS 4.5 which is a bummer but they look pretty cool. Check out some of them below: You can download them at this link but sadly they are desktop manager installation only.

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