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Commercial H20 Theme For 7100, 8100, 8300, 8700, & 8800

Corey at VistoThemes.com has released another hot new theme for practically all the BlackBerry versions out there. The theme is called H20 and is very similar to the BB Droid theme we mentioned a few weeks back. The theme is very nice and fixes one of the problems I had with the Droid theme. It…


Free WinIphone 4.2.1 Zen Theme For BlackBerry 8700

Larry has released a real slick free theme for the BlackBerry 8700. The theme is called WinIphone because it has iPhone like buttons, Mac like banner, and Windows like feel. The screenshots look awesome and the theme looked good on the 8700 I have lying around. Larry has promised that he will release versions for…


Commercial Real World Icon/Today/Zen Theme

JC Designs – Gadgetbean.com is proud to present Real World – Icon/Today/Zen for the Curves/8700s/8800s and Pearl! This theme is consist of clean sleek icons as expected from all JC Designs – Gadgetbean themes alike. It is a theme with the feel of that World Traveler / Where in the World is Carmen San Diego…


Commercial Linux (Xubuntu) Theme For 7100/8100/8300/8700/8800

Yeah I know commercial and Linux are a bit of an oxymoron but the developer, Scott, has done a beautiful job on this theme. The theme costs $5 and feels like a blast from the past. While the theme does not look “exactly” like Xubuntu it does bear a nice resemblance and the simplicity of…


Free iScribble Zen Theme For BlackBerry 8300, 8700, & 8800

NancyDrew has struck again on Themes4BB with her latest theme release iScribble (iPhone Scribble). The theme is based on the iPhone icons but the background and headerbar will remind you of school. The theme is very “fresh” and is not just another iPhone replica/clone so I highly recommend downloading it. The icons are very cool…


Commercial Android Theme For BlackBerry 7100/8100/8300/8700/8800

Corey at VistoThemes.com has released a slick new Google Android based replica theme for the BlackBerry. As you can see in the title the theme supports practically all modern flavors of the BlackBerry device. The theme is commercial so it will run you $6 but as you can see in the pictures below this is…


Free Xbox 360 Theme For BlackBerry 8100/8300/8700/8800

ViSi has released a hot free Xbox 360 theme on PinStack after a user requested it. He pointed the theme out to me and I have to say it looks really nice. That is if you like the Xbox 360. I would definitely check this theme out if you are an Xbox/Microsoft fan. The icons…


Cool Commercial “Dock Bottom Zen” Theme For BlackBerry 8300/8700/8800

GadgetBean has just released a new cool Mac OSX-like theme for BlackBerry called Dock Bottom Zen. The theme is available for the 8300, 8700, & 8800 series devices with the 8100 conspicuously missing from the lineup. You also need to have OS 4.2.1+ for this theme to work especially on the 8700. The theme is…

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