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8100 Pearl

ColorWare – Custom Paint Jobs Coming For BlackBerry

I just read a great post on BoyGenius about ColorWarePC coming out with custom paint jobs for the BlackBerry Pearl, 8300, & 8800. The paint jobs are scheduled to be available on New Years eve (12/31/2007). This is some great news for all of your modders who are too scared to point a spray paint…


How To: Guide On How To Clean BlackBerry Trackball

Even has posted a great guide on BlackBerryforums on how to clean your BlackBerry trackball. This may interest many users including me since mine is already black from dirt and grime. The guide requires you to get down and dirty with your device with a screwdriver and a “spudger” (not sure what that is) so…


FAQ: How To Convert Video For Your BlackBerry For Free!

I have been asked countless times about how to encode video to play correctly on a BlackBerry. So I decided to write up a post with a short description of the 2 free pieces of software I use to re-encode video to play on my BlackBerry 8310 Curve. There are other commercial video encoders but personally…


Seidio Releases Charging Cradle For BlackBerry 8100/8130 Pearl

Seidio has released a great low-price cradle for the BlackBerry 8100/8130 Pearl. The new cradle uses the charging contacts on the bottom of the Pearl just like the original BlackBerry cradle that costs more than twice as much. The new cradle. As usual Seidio has had the foresight to make sure that you can charge your Pearl…


2 Free Transformers Zen Themes For BlackBerry 8100 Pearl

DaBlackPearl has just released 2 free Zen Themes for the BlackBerry Pearl. Both themes are based on the Transformers with one for the Autobots and one for the Decepticons. (If you don’t know what these are watch the “Transformers” movie) Personally I loved the action in the recent Transformers movie which reminded me how much…


Free BerryReview Today Theme For BlackBerry 8100 & 8800

Brandon has whipped up a great BerryReview theme for the holidays which we can all enjoy. The theme incorporates the orange and blue styling of BerryReview.com (which we know you have come to love) into a slick design. I personally just installed it and I am loving it. The today screen has got a nice…


Review: OtterBox for 8300 Curve & 8100 Pearl

Review: OtterBox Case For BlackBerry Curve & Pearl Rating: 9.5/10 [starreview] Editors Choice Award Winner! Link: www.OtterBox.com (awesome site with many interesting features) Price: $49.95 each (USD) Model Number: Defender Series; 1934-20 (8100 Series Pearl); Defender 1935-20 (8300 Series Curve) This is a review I have been dying to do for some time now. (Just…


RIM Creates New IM Homepage – AOL IM 2.0 For Sprint 8130

Josep just sent me a link to a new portal on RIM’s website for all the native RIM Instant Messaging applications. The applications are still restricted to specific carriers by service books but if your carrier does support them the links are now all in one place. I also noticed on the AOL Instant Messenger…

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