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Review: VR+ 2.3 – Voice Recorder Application

Review: VR+ 2.3 Rating: 10/10 Developer: Shape Services Cost: $29.95 Making software for the competitive mobile device market is not easy, but those folks at SHAPE Services are not complaining. Instead, they’re keeping up with the times and defending the relevance of their products. SHAPE Services is the company that makes VR+, a voice recorder…


Review: Guitar Hero Mobile For BlackBerry

Review: Guitar Hero Mobile by Magmic/BplayRating: 9/10Cost: $14.99 (1 time fee) or $4.49/month subscriptionWebsite: www.bplay.com Bplay has done a wonderful job of recreating the Guitar Hero experience on the BlackBerry. I was forced to dock a whole point off the rating for one simple reason. The controls are a bit clumsy on the curve or 8800 series. On…


Review: Freerange, paidContent edition

Review: Freerange, paidContent edition Rating: 9.0/10 Link (includes OTA): http://paid.mwap.at Cost: Free This app was announced a while ago. I wanted to write about it then, but didn’t have the time. I have a little time now.


Review : trackIT :Vehicle Edition.

Review : trackIT : Vehicle Edition Vendor : BerryReview Store Developer : Javatek Media Rating: 9.5/10 Price : $24.95 USD Ever since I have owned a smartphone, I have longed for a product that would allow me to keep track of my vehicle expenditure. Well, I’ve found one…And it has been worth the wait. I…


Review: Bookworm By Magmic

Review: Bookworm By Magmic Rating: 9/10 Link: www.magmic.com OTA: www.magmic.com Cost: $9.99 From the editor: Bookworm is the first BlackBerry game to ever receive an Editors Choice Award on BerryReview. After the stellar rating Greg gave Bookworm in November and based on the review by Luciano below I think the game more than deserves the…


PocketDay Review Update: A Taste Of Version 5.12

In the original review of PocketDay Version 4, the author wrote, “PocketDay in my humble opinion is the swiss army knife for the BlackBerry”. Well to quote a famous Australian actor,”That’s not a knife, This is a knife”.(and a fork, spoon, pliers, etc, etc) We did post some announcements about the upgrades in PocketDay V5…


Review: Empower InstaSpell Compared With RIM’s SpellCheck

Review: Empower InstaSpell – Inline Spellcheck Rating: 9/10 Editors Choice Award Winner! Version: 1.31 Link: www.getempower.com OTA: www.getempower.com/ota/ Cost: $15 Trial Available Empower InstaSpell has been around for quite awhile now but after RIM came out with a free native spell checker I thought it would be irrelevant. Now that I have had a few…


Review: OtterBox for 8300 Curve & 8100 Pearl

Review: OtterBox Case For BlackBerry Curve & Pearl Rating: 9.5/10 [starreview] Editors Choice Award Winner! Link: www.OtterBox.com (awesome site with many interesting features) Price: $49.95 each (USD) Model Number: Defender Series; 1934-20 (8100 Series Pearl); Defender 1935-20 (8300 Series Curve) This is a review I have been dying to do for some time now. (Just…

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