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Editors’ Choice

Review: BodyGuardz- Save Your Device Without the Bulk!

Review: BodyGuardz- Scratch Proof Protective Skins Rating: 10/10 Link: www.BodyGuardz.com Cost: $24.99 @ The BerryReview Store The folks over at NLU Products sent me a set of the protective skins for my 8830 to try out. I will admit that I was skeptical when I first saw this product, how can such a thin membrane…


Review: Chuzzle- Stay Entertained For Hours

Review: Pop Cap Game’s Chuzzle Rating: 10/10 Link: www.bplay.com Cost: $9.99 from bplay By far the greatest game ever released for your BlackBerry! In my humble opinion of course! – Nathan I recently had the chance to play around with Pop Cap Game’s Chuzzle, from bplay. This game is made by the same people that…


Review: BBSmart Shortcuts – How Smart Is It?

Review: BBSmart Shortcuts Rating: 9/10 Link: www.blackberrysmart.com Cost: $8.95 @ BerryReview Store I have been waiting to write this review since BlackBerry Smart released their newest version. Recently, it was announced that version 1.4 is available, so I figured I was safe to review. Shortcuts is a very simple application that provides quick access to…


Review: BBSmart Alarms Pro

Review: BBSmart Alarms Pro Rating: 9/10 Link: www.blackberrysmart.com Cost: $15 @ BerryReview Store This software was mentioned when it was released in May, but I thought that it definitely deserved a full blown review, seeing as it has earned a permanent spot on my 8830! Alarms Pro is another piece of software that should have…


Review: Empower BES Mailbox – Helps You Not Get Fired

Review: Empower BES Mailbox Rating: 9/10 Link: www.getempower.com Cost: $19.99 @ the BerryReview Store I know that this application has been mentioned before, but I just got it yesterday and I had to talk about it in greater detail! Anyone who uses their BlackBerry on an Enterprise Server, should seriously consider this application. Empower BES…


Review: JL_Cmder – BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife

Review: JL_Cmder Rating: Link: BlackBerryForums.com Cost: FREE!!! (Thanks to Doug at BBforums) This one is an oldie but goodie. I found myself fighting with BlackBerry Unite over the weekend and decided it was time to remove it instead of struggling. But wait, how the hell do you uninstall this thing? Turns out the only sure…


PhoneFavs mobile portal

If you’re looking for a mobile website that that is easy to use and has a lot of function then PhoneFavs is a good choice. PhoneFavs.com – http://phonefavs.com gives you access to a whole load of interesting and fun mobile sites. It also allows you to “view and use your bookmarks on your mobile device…


PDA Animated Weather

I recently came across this interesting mobile weather website and when I showed my husband, it was the first time he was actually impressed with my Blackberry (usually he’s telling me to get off the darn thing!) There’s something about men and their need to keep up on the current weather. Anyway, http://www.ssec.wisc.edu/data/paw/ is a…

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