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My Favorite “Moment of Delight” in BlackBerry 10.2.1

   Some people have been asking me about this whole “Moments of Delight” in BlackBerry 10 so I thought I would share one of my favorites that came in BlackBerry 10.2.1. In a previous OS update BlackBerry allowed us to easily preview the last picture we had seen by dragging the thumbnail diagonally from the…


CONTEST: MIME USA Ghost Glass for the BlackBerry Z10 Review and Giveaway!

When I first heard of a tempered glass screen protector, I was kinda worried.  How would a piece of glass on top of the regular screen look and feel?  I had always been a classic plastic film screen protector user.  Well, was I taken back by surprise.  The Ghost Glass screen protector for the BlackBerry…


Have a BlackBerry PlayBook? Origami Browser Will Breath New Life Into It! (Free)

  I have been following an interesting development where the CrackBerry forums community has banded together to support a new browser for the discarded BlackBerry PlayBook. I have to say I am HUGELY impressed with the results. The Origami Browser is a totally native browser for the BlackBerry PlayBook that really blows away the native…


Numbers Don’t Lie. BlackBerry is Far From Dead

I know I’m not the only one that’s completely fed up with so called analysts and ill-informed naysayers declaring that RIM is dead. Most either ignore the hard facts or have no idea what the actual situation is. One of the most ridiculous articles I have seen to date commenting on RIM’s downfall compares BlackBerry…


Awesome Neutron Music Player Blows Away the PlayBook Player

Terrence (blame him for the screenshot :)) pointed out to me that Neutron Code Limited has brought their awesome Neutron Music Player to the BlackBerry PlayBook. Neutron Music Player is a studio quality music player with an impressive sound engine and beautiful UI. It gives you some seriously complex controls and audio options made for…


Tech. Review: The Dyson Hot

Last year Dyson introduced the Air Multiplier, a super cool high-end bladeless fan. As you might remember, I thought it was awesome, in all sizes. The Dyson Hot sweetens the pot by making the multiplier an all year round temperature control device. I say “control” because unlike the original multipliers, you can set a desired…


RIM Explains Why BBM For Other Platforms is NOT On the Road Map

During a Q&A session with Mike Kirkup from Research in Motion (RIM) and a panel that included developers from Foursquare, Polar Mobile,Poynt, Wikitude, and a few others RIM touched on the subject of BBM for other platforms. The session was interesting the guys shared their experience of working with the Webworks SDK. It seems RIM…


Leaked Software Roadmap For 2011 Hints at Possible OS 7 End of Year

Here is a bit of good news for those of you wondering what RIM has planned for the rest of this year. N4BB has posted some screenshots that has a potential roll out date and end of life for some apps. One of the most intriguing news to take away from here is that RIM…

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