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SaveNumberAs – Save New Numbers As Something Other Than Work

DreamBerrys do come true. 🙂 About a week ago I posted a DreamBerry about a very specific problem. When you get a call from a number that is not in your address book and you add it to your address book it always saves the number as a work number. Maybe this is a carryover…


DreamBerry: Default Save Number To Mobile Instead Of Work

Now this is a piece of functionality that has been bothering me since my first BlackBerry. When you get called by a new number you can go into the call list, select the number, hit the menu key, and add it to your address book. The problem is that RIM seems to think that all…


DreamBerry – Login To Google Maps Mobile

I have been a regular user of Google Maps Mobile and rely on it every day. The My Location feature was groundbreaking and the upcoming beta voice features are pretty cool. There is just one major feature that that I wish Google would add to the application. The ability to sign in and have a…


MessageScheduler – Coming Soon!

Zaventh has decided to make use of our DreamBerry idea. Greg posted about a message scheduling application on July 7th. On July 27th, Zaventh announced that he is almost ready to release MessageScheduler. An application that will let you schedule an email or PIN to be sent at a future date and time. This is…


DreamBerry – Arcade Game Using Camera

I have a friend at work who uses a Palm Centro by Sprint. (Yeah, I know, the poor girl is very uninformed on the importance of a BlackBerry and I will turn her but that’s another time, another post) Anyways, she was showing me a game on her phone. A very cool game. Check out…


DreamBerry – Maximum Vibrations/Rings In A Minute

Have you ever had your BlackBerry not stop vibrating or ringing for almost 2 minutes? Do you get bursts of emails from BIS that all come in together making your BlackBerry vibrate 10, 20, or even 30 times in a row! People start looking at you weird at that point wondering what is going on…


DreamBerry – Copy & Paste Calendar Appointments

This DreamBerry idea comes from Ljupco who was hoping that RIM would implement such a feature in the native BlackBerry calendar application. Wouldn’t it be great if you could copy and appointment and then paste it in another location. Don’t get me wrong you can already just edit the calendar entry and change the date….


DreamBerry – Custom Browser Options For Certain Websites/Bookmarks

I have been a bit annoyed with this issue over the years and really wish RIM would address it. So here goes another DreamBerry idea… Have you ever found that two websites you visit regularly on your BlackBerry require 2 different browser settings to get them to work? For example, your bank website may require…

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