DreamBerry: Can We Get Some BlackBerry Browser Plugins???

It has been a LOOOOONG time since I wrote my last DreamBerry post. In DreamBerry articles we try to highlight something we wish RIM or developers will create for BlackBerry users. This time I wanted to focus on the BlackBerry browser and one of the things I miss the most when browsing from my BlackBerry….


DreamBerry: Tie Your Profile & Wireless Settings & More To Your Location (Cell Tower or GPS)

I have a dream… Back in the day on my S60 Nokia 3650 & N-gage (Yeah I admit to having one) I had a really cool program that I wish was available for BlackBerry. It would constantly monitor your location based on the cellphone tower you were connected to and allow you to set certain…


DreamBerry: Deleted Email Items Folder – Recover A Deleted Email

One of the first things I had to setup on my BlackBerry was to turn off the confirmation for deleting each email. This confirmation gets annoying when you are trying to delete your spam in the morning or quickly clean up your inbox. The problem is that sometimes it causes me to accidentally delete an…


DreamBerry Idea: LED Shut-off during Video playback.

I had a request from one of the forum users on BlackBerry Forums Au last week requesting if there was an application available that could switch off the blinking notification LED during video playback on a BlackBerry. At first I dismissed the idea by just answering, ‘switch off the indicator manually whilst playing back video’….


Dreamberry: better profile management

This annoyance has happened to me four times: lose all my profiles. First, one application reset all my ringtone profiles. Then another one did the same a few months later. “That’s what backups are for,” you must be thinking. But that is not so simple.


SaveNumberAs – Save New Numbers As Something Other Than Work

DreamBerrys do come true. About a week ago I posted a DreamBerry about a very specific problem. When you get a call from a number that is not in your address book and you add it to your address book it always saves the number as a work number. Maybe this is a carryover from…


DreamBerry: Default Save Number To Mobile Instead Of Work

Now this is a piece of functionality that has been bothering me since my first BlackBerry. When you get called by a new number you can go into the call list, select the number, hit the menu key, and add it to your address book. The problem is that RIM seems to think that all…


DreamBerry – Login To Google Maps Mobile

I have been a regular user of Google Maps Mobile and rely on it every day. The My Location feature was groundbreaking and the upcoming beta voice features are pretty cool. There is just one major feature that that I wish Google would add to the application. The ability to sign in and have a…

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