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“Switch to Android” Quick Setting Button Appears In Photo of Passport, Hints of Possible Dual-Boot

Twitter user @sergioelm tweeted this pic of a Passport showing a “Switch to Android” option in the Quick Settings of a BlackBerry Passport, hinting at the possibility of a dual-boot device. This is pure speculation, of course, but if this comes to pass, it seems to me that we could have the best of both…


Updated: Is Google Play Store Landing on BlackBerry 10.2.1?

Update: As far as I know this has been confirmed as a hoax. Sorry guys! Well to say there haven’t been some fueled discussions about this in some of my groups would be a lie.  From the optimist who wants to see this land on the BlackBerry 10 platform, to the other who don;t believe…


BlackBerry 10 TK2 Victory Concept Is Full Of Win

It’s been a tough year for RIM, there’s no denying it. Thorsten Heins is shaking things up, cracking tons of eggs and scrambling the lot. There’s no way of knowing yet whether he’ll end up with a nice, fluffy Canadian Bacon omelet, or just a pile of broken shells and a big hot mess.


Anastasiadis BlackBerry Concept Design Will Bring Tears to Your Eyes

Seriously those will be good tears. I am hoping RIM is paying attention to the new Anastasiadis BlackBerry Concept design posted up by Kevin @CrackBerry. The concept was created by industrial designer John Anastasiadis who happens to also be a BlackBerry fan. This is his version of a dream BlackBerry that really blows your mind…


DreamBerry: RIM Should Add Push to Talk Features to BBM

While writing up about the new LoudTalks push to talk service I could not help but think about BBM. RIM could have a real hit on their hands if they integrated push to talk features to BBM. I know that it would be walking a fine line in terms of keeping carriers happy but in…


How Will BlackBerry PlayBook Native Email & PIM Work?

I have been meaning to write this piece for awhile now but every time I start thinking about it my head starts to hurt. Since the PlayBook launched we have heard reviewers harping about how you “need a BlackBerry” to get email on the device. RIM took it all in stride and announced that native…


Dear RIM, Can We Get Network Activity “Arrows” on the BlackBerry PlayBook?

There is one thing I am really missing on the BlackBerry PlayBook that I have always treasured on my BlackBerry Smartphone as far as I can remember. Data activity arrows showing you what is going on when the app does not offer you a progress notification. I can understand that they may be distracting in…


When BBM Makes it to the PlayBook Will it Have Video Chat and a New UI?

Many have questioned whether the PlayBook will have a PIN or not and why does it not have BBM? The current BBM on BlackBerry devices was made for the current BlackBerry OS and not for the kernel that makes up the QNX software.  It has been said that the PlayBook may run BlackBerry apps but…

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