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Vote for Your Favorite Developer – 2012 BlackBerry Developer Community Awards

RIM is broadening their developer appreciation efforts with the 2012 BlackBerry Developer Community Awards kicking off. This is your chance to nominate and vote for your favorite BlackBerry developers in six categories. You can nominate your favorites for each category after which RIM will announce the finalists. They will then choose the winners at BlackBerry…


BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha’s get updated to 10.6.670

It has been a routine since the last update that I need to de-brick my dev alpha on a weekly basis. Well upon connecting it to Desktop Manager today, i noticed we got an updated.   Seems RIM has pushed OS10.0.6.670 to the Dev Alpha’s.  If you see any major changes let us know. To…


Going to BlackBerry Jam Americas? Suggest a Topic for Unconference Day

RIM is once again running a Unconference Day at BlackBerry Jam San Jose. They started the tradition this year at the first BlackBerry 10 Jam and it seems like the concept is working. They are asking developers who are coming to BlackBerry Jam San Jose to submit session topics in two categories. Either the session…


Dev Community Ports BlackBerry 10 WebWorks Packager to Linux

The grassroots effort RIM is raising in the developer community is really paying off. The latest example is a community developed port of the BlackBerry 10 WebWorks Packager for Linux. This is a port of the current SDK that is available for Mac and Windows with tweaks to make it work on Linux. Since…


Devs: RIM Suggests Porting Adobe AIR to Native Speed Using NME (Without C/C++)

I had never heard of NME before Joshua Granick mentioned it on the official DevBlog. NME is a cross platform framework for developing games and applications which using a language called Haxe to convert your code to C++ and OpenGL. From what I am reading Haxe is similar to Actionscript, JavaScript, and comparable languages. The…


BlackBerry 10 Jam Zone Moves Over to BlackBerry ID Logins Today

  My dream of one login to rule all my BlackBerry services is coming closer to reality. We told you on August 30th that RIM was planning on bringing BlackBerry ID logins to BlackBerry Jam Zone and BlackBerry Beta Zone. Well RIM has followed through with the Jam Zone earlier than expected and you can…


First BlackBerry Jam Sessions Hackathon Was in Brazil With More Coming Soon

  RIM mentioned at BlackBerry World that they have a whole new BlackBerry Jam Sessions idea for Hackathons and it looks like they are starting to roll out. They announced on the DevBlog that the first BlackBerry Jam Sessions hackathon happened in Recife, Brasil on August 25th with 80 developers creating apps. They have announced…


BlackBerry 10 SDK Webcast on on Native Game Development Next Week

RIM is continuing its series of BlackBerry 10 webcasts next week. This latest episode is for BlackBerry 10 SDK developers who are working on native SDK game development. They will be talking about developing and porting existing games. They also have a special presenter from *MangoLabs Studio* in Brazil who will be talking about porting…

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