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MLB.com At Bat 14 for BlackBerry 10 Hits BlackBerry World

As promised MLB.com has released their MLB.com At Bat 14 app for BlackBerry 10. This is the official MLB app for the latest live baseball information all season long. This includes live home and away audio broadcasts along with the ability to watch out of market regular season games live. There are loads of features…


Encrypt and Decrypt PGP Messages on BlackBerry 10 with PGpgp

I have been looking for a PGP client for my BlackBerry 10 device for awhile now so I was really happy when James pointed out PGpgp to me. PGpgp allows you to encrypt and decrypt PGP messages on your BlackBerry in a native application. The implementation of PGP is actually pretty solid in the app…


ToySoft Brings “Secure Mail” Encrypted Email App to BlackBerry 10

ToySoft let me know about their new Secure Mail app for BlackBerry 10. The app implements Public Key Cryptography right in the BlackBerry 10 Hub. It does this by allowing you to exchange your public key with other people over email and then using your Private/Public key pair to encrypt communications using AES-256 encryption. It…


Disney Brings Toy Story: Smash It! to All BlackBerry 10 Devices

BB10 just got another solid game from Disney with Toy Story: Smash It! Its nice to see games like this still coming to the platform with BlackBerry’s new enterprise focus. Toy Story: Smash It! is quite a complicated puzzle game with your favorite Toy Story characters out to solve 90 levels of puzzles. Brick-breaking puzzle…


Jetpack High Joins the Bird Game Craze on BlackBerry 10

Chaos Interactive introduces Jetpack High to the mobile game market. The background story is that the main character, Little Birdy, has to fly all the way up to rescue his girl friend. In order to help him fulfill the mission, as a player, you need to touch the screen to keep Little Birdy flying and tilt…


Flappy Herbie Saga Brings “Flappy Bird” Like Gameplay to BlackBerry 10 (Free)

While many of you may already have downloaded Flappy Bird’s Android but that developer has decided to pull their app for some odd reason. Now the developers behind FlyCraft have brought us Flappy Herbie Saga: Trolls of the Forest bringing the same sort of gameplay natively to BlackBerry 10. This is the same Herbie character…


Create Charts On the Fly for BlackBerry Express With Express Charts (Free Beta)

I really hope you have tried out BlackBerry’s Awesome BlackBerry Express presentation app for BlackBerry 10. My buddy Ekke decided that he could do the app one better and released an awesome BlackBerry Express add-on app called Express Charts. It is integrated in BlackBerry Express and allows you to create charts on the fly from…


Native Bank of Montreal Mobile Banking Released for BlackBerry 10

Over the weekend BlackBerry added a new hot Canadian app to their BlackBerry 10 roster. The Bank of Montreal has released “BMO Mobile Banking for BlackBerry 10” which gives you easy access to your account on the go. Best of all the app is native and not an Android port. Check it out free in…

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