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One Reason Your BlackBerry May Not Connect to Wi-Fi Immediately

Over the years I have noticed that my BlackBerry 9700 and then 9800 would sometimes not connect to my Wi-Fi network. This would usually happen when I walked downstairs (Poor Wi-Fi coverage) and then came back up and stood mere feet from then access point. It turns out that there may actually be a reason…


RIM Details The Ports Needed for BlackBerry PlayBook Video Chat

Some people trying to run the latest BlackBerry PlayBook Video Chat app at work may notice that it is not working do to blocked ports. For most home and personal networks this should not be a problem since you probably are not blocking outgoing ports but many companies do lock down outgoing ports which may…


BlackBerry PlayBook Interactive How To Guides

I was trying to help a friend learn how to make the most of his BlackBerry PlayBook and spotted a great resource while looking. RIM has posted a whole slew of BlackBerry PlayBook how to guides for practically every feature and app on the PlayBook. It is really thourough and since it is a Flash…


BlackBerry PlayBook Battery Life Changed with OS 1.0.3? Possible Fixes

Some of you may already know that I cannot help but poke fun at RIM legal when the chance arises. Over the years the user agreements RIM legal has forced us to accept have been getting longer and longer. Now all RIM value added apps have their own like BBM, Facebook, App World, and they…


Troubleshooting BlackBerry PlayBook Bridge Issues – Fix Coming

Last week I confirmed with a contact at RIM that there are some reported issues for certain users trying to pair their BlackBerry PlayBook with their BlackBerry phone. RIM has confirmed this in a knowledge base article published today along with providing a pretty comprehensive resolution or workaround option that attempts to resolve a few…


FAQ: Transfer Files to the BlackBerry PlayBook Over Wi-Fi or USB

While file sharing and transferring to a BlackBerry PlayBook may not be a challenge for the technically savvy I know quite a few people who need tips and pointers. I was in the middle of writing up a great article on how to connect and transfer files to a BlackBerry PlayBook over Wi-Fi and one…


How To Change the BlackBerry ID on a BlackBerry PlayBook

When you first setup a BlackBerry PlayBook it asks you to register with a BlackBerry ID and then ties the whole PlayBook to that BlackBerry ID. I was actually asked last week by a user how to change this and had no idea other than wiping the device. Turns out that is what RIM proposes…


RIM Explains The BlackBerry PlayBook Low and Dead Battery State

I have been hearing from a few people that have let their BlackBerry PlayBook battery totally drain having issues charging it back up again. One managed to get it working by performing a hard reset and then leaving it charging. Another purchased the BlackBerry PlayBook rapid charger and that fixed it. I have not run…

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