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Tips & Tricks: BlackBerry Enterprise Activation on a BIS Data Plan

With the onslaught of new devices and device changes, there’s sometimes a need to activate your device on a Blackberry Enterprise Server Express.  With new devices, BES IT policies, software upgrades, difficulties explaining to users how to download from appworld, software compatibility issues occur (as a good friend of mine recently mentioned in his article) and…


Change Default Search to Bing in BlackBerry 7 Browser on Verizon & Other Carriers

  We told you earlier this week that the BlackBerry 7 browser now allows you to add custom search engines and change the default search engine. What we couldn’t tell you back then is that this lets you bypass the Verizon and other carriers default setting of Bing as the default browser search option and…


Best Settings for BlackBerry Torch 9800 Touchscreen Sensitivity?

Luis asked me a bit ago what settings I had on my BlackBerry Torch 9800 for “Touchscreen Sensitivity.” He thought his settings were messed up so I told him mine was set for Tap Interval: 400 and Hover Period: 100 while his was set for 800 and 400 respectively. I had never really messed with…


How to Save Flash Games on Your PlayBook & Play Them Offline

One of the coolest features on the BlackBerry PlayBook is the solid Flash support. Over time I have been trying many different flash games and found that about 50% of them are loads of fun on the PlayBook. Some require a keyboard for movement or right click mouse button for options but most don’t. If…


How to Diagnose Your PlayBook Wi-Fi Connection & View Status

   I have had quite a few users ask me similar questions in the last few weeks so I thought I would address it with a simple post. There is a nice and slightly hidden set of features in the Options->Wi-Fi menu that you can access if you click on the little Wi-Fi icon with…


How to Install Country Restricted PlayBook Apps in App World

Most people who live outside of the US and Canada have usually experienced BlackBerry smartphone and PlayBook apps that are not available in their country. While there are a few drastic things you can do to change that on BlackBerry smartphones there is a relatively easy way to bypass this restriction on the BlackBerry PlayBook….


BlackBerry Playbook SideLoading Tutorial and Resources

Although the Playbook doesn’t have OTA capabilities there is another way  users can load non App World applications. This method, perfected by Keeper (Berry Review Forums), is ideal for sharing ported  applications and, in case you are a developer, allowing Playbookers to beta test your applications. Side Loading, as it’s come to be called, requires…


Easy Way to Save YouTube Videos From Your BlackBerry PlayBook

Quite a few readers sent this in as a tip so I thought it would be worth mentioning. There are thousands of websites and tools out there that help you save YouTube videos from your browser though most of them are targeted at desktops and not tablets. PlayBookRevolution decided to do something about that and…

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