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Quick Tip: Search for Apps in App World Using Their Product ID

This little trick has been around for awhile now but I don’t think we have ever mentioned it on BerryReview. RIM has hidden a little popup in App World that lets you search for an app, game, or theme by using its product ID. You can find an apps product ID easily since it is…


RIM Offers Downgrade Steps from PlayBook OS 2.0 Beta to v1.0.7

This has been floating around for at least a week now in the official RIM forums but now RIM has spelled out. Some users have wanted to downgrade from the PlayBook OS 2.0 beta back to the official v1.0.7. RIM has been kind enough to detail the steps in a blog post on the BlackBerry…


RIM Explains how to Secure Your BlackBerry PlayBook & Wi-Fi Sharing

I still remember when RIM was handing out BlackBerry PlayBook’s at BlackBerry World many of them were setup by users to share files over Wi-Fi with no passwords. While some users may be smart enough to set a device password on their PlayBook it may not be necessary for all users. On the other hand…


BlackBerry Smartphone Models and their Codenames in One Chart (FAQ)

I cannot count the times that I have been asked for a chart of the different BlackBerry models and the codenames associated with them. I finally got some free time on the train earlier this week and started compiling a list of the codenames I remembered off the top of my head. They should all…


FAQ: How to Extend your BBM Music Beta Trial Period Once it Expires

  It is now starting to roll towards the end of the 1 month trial RIM is offering with BBM Music and the Beta Zone app is starting to expire users accounts. The problem is that during the Beta Zone period it is not possible to actually upgrade to a premium account. I ran into…


RIM Makes BIS 4.1 Features Official – New Process for Selling Old BlackBerrys

  We have already heard about the BIS 4.1 rollout a few times unofficially and now we have the official specs from RIM thanks to their knowledge base. Nothing really new to see here its just nice to see it confirmed since the launch dates are rumored for Asia Pacific on Sept 10th, Europe on…


FAQ: Easily Get Hebrew on your BlackBerry 7 Device (Other Devices Too!)

For years now Smartmouth has been making it easy for BlackBerry users to add Hebrew fonts and keyboard to their BlackBerrys. Previously you had to reload the OS with multilingual OS that included Hebrew. Smartmouth simply extracts the language files and makes them available for OTA downloads from your device. He let me know that…


Tips & Tricks: Using 1 BlackBerry on 2 BES Servers….

I always enjoy bringing out the fun and unexpected, so here is another. Have you or someone you know ever wanted to manage more than one exchange account from their Blackberry? Activating your Blackberry on more than one BES is generally not common knowledge or practice, although your blackberry is definitely capable of being used on multiple BES servers and functions extremely…

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