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BlackBerry OS 7.1 Supports uPNP and BlackBerry 10 Will be DLNA Certified

  Recent BlackBerry 7.1 OS releases have included a new Wireless Media Server feature that we have covered before. It allows you to share pictures, music, and video from your BlackBerry to other media devices over Wi-Fi. We also know that RIM has confirmed that BlackBerry 10 devices will be DLNA certified. I have tried…


How to Enable BlackBerry Device Analyzer in OS

   BlackBerry Device Analyzer, is an application/set of tools to monitor the health of your BlackBerry. Among other things, it is used to keep track of service coverage & drops and battery charge/discharge rates. BlackBerry OS – which is the latest OS release for many of the BB7 phones – brought us ‘Application Resource…


Having Issues Connecting Your PlayBook To Your PC? Here Is a Common Fix

Have you had trouble connecting your PlayBook to your PC over USB with Desktop Manager giving you error messages like “BlackBerry Desktop Software cannot communicate with the connected device.” When I first ran into this issue with the launch of PlayBook I thought it was caused by a custom image of Windows XP that had…


Tip: SideLoad PlayBook Apps Using LocalBar2 Without a Proxy

Originally, a PC was required in order to sideload apps onto the PlayBook. The first release of LocalBar was created to give users the ability to sideload apps ‘locally. The PlayBook could now sideload apps onto itself. Using LocalBar, the requirement for a PC was gone. RIM then blocked that feature. The PlayBook can no longer…


FAQ: Easily Get Hebrew on Your BlackBerry Smartphone

We have mentioned Cheservices a few times as a good source for OTA Hebrew input files but SLS let us know about a similar project he is working on. He setup www.slsapps.com that has the OTA Hebrew language files for quite a few devices ranging from OS 4.5 to 7.1. Let us know if it…


FAQ: Sync Yahoo Address and Yahoo Contacts to Playbook OS 2.0 (Possible Fix)

There are a number of instructions available to connect your Rogers Yahoo account to Playbook OS 2.0 However, one of the watch outs I have discovered is that your password cannot contain a special characters. Here are the steps to connect your account Check your password and confirm if it contains special characters (e.g. @,…


Where Did My BlackBerry Bridge Browser Icon Go? (Answers)

Many users who have upgraded to BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 this morning have been wondering where their BlackBerry Bridge Browser went all of a sudden. Turns out that it has dissapeared by design due to it being redundant for non BES users. According to this latest RIM knowledge base article the BlackBerry Bridge Icon only…


How to add fonts to your BlackBerry smartphone (without an app)

For years, I was under the impression you could only install fonts with the assistance of an app. I recently found out that is not at all accurate. You simply need the a font in TrueType (.ttf) format. In this guide, for illustration purposes, I will be using the free (open source)  ’Ubuntu-R’ font. *WARNING:…

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