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BlackBerry FAQ

FAQ: BlackBerry Copy and Paste Keyboard Shortcut

Question: Is there a way to copy and paste on my BlackBerry without using the menu? Answer: Yes there is actually a way to copy and paste on your BlackBerry without using the menu. The way you do it is as simple as 1-2-3: Select the text you wish to copy using the “Num” key…


FAQ: Install JAR / JAD Files From Your SD Card Or Internal Memory

I just discovered and tried something new on my BlackBerry and I thought I would share it with you all. If you transfer a JAR (JAVA) file to the media card or memory of your device using either mass storage mode or desktop manager you will be able to install the file from your BlackBerry….


Does Your BlackBerry TrackBall Not Roll In A Particular Direction?

I had an issue with my BlackBerry 8800 -  it did not scroll right and left as well as it should have. I knew I had an issue with dirt in the trackball due to grease and such but I could never fix it. This is a problem inherent in the design of the trackball…


Buy Aftermarket BlackBerry Parts & Accessories

I just stumbled upon a website, Cellular Nationwide Network, that sells aftermarket BlackBerry parts. This means that you can pick up an extra battery cover, keyboard, and even screen for your BlackBerry for relatively cheap. They sell parts for every BlackBerry model from the 7100 to the 8300. It used to be that if you…


Charge & Backup Your BlackBerry With Linux

If you are not a Linux user you can ignore this post =) Otherwise… I was looking for a solution for using my BlackBerry in Ubuntu and found this wonderful free project called Bcharge which allows you to Backup and charge your BlackBerry from your Linux desktop. Since I am not a Linux guru I…


Bypass Annoying Customer Service Phone Trees

If you have ever been stuck on the phone talking to a customer service machine then these resources are a must have. The first is which gives you the direct access codes to reach a human at over 500 companies. The second is which has hundreds of listings of the same type. The…

arc-side-main Wonderful resource for many BlackBerry questions

I just stumbled upon a website that I think more BlackBerry users should be visiting more often. I remember the baby steps took when it started a FAQ section of their site. It seems they have spun off a new sister site without me noticing. This site has a great deal of information…

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