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BlackBerry FAQ

FAQ: Keyboard Shortcut To Paste Copied Text

Many people have asked me over the last few weeks how to paste text in fields that do not have the paste menu option. You will run into this in registration screens and other fields. There is a quick way to paste any text you have copied into these fields using a simple keyboard shortcut….


FAQ: Forty BlackBerry Shortcuts.

I found this one posted by “BESadmin” on CrackBerry Au: He got it from “PC Advisor UK”: . So to say it has been around the world to get here is just about spot on. So thanks all involved. A few you will already know but even if you pick up one or…


FAQ: Tips For Improving Your Google Mobile Search From GoogleSystem

The guys at GoogleSystem have posted some great tips on how to improve your Google Mobile search. Many BlackBerry users are familiar with the customized mobile search provided by Google since March last year but Google has never bothered to explain all of the features. Well GoogleSystem has done us a favor and detailed the top 10…


S4BB Releases Random Password Generator

S4BB has been on a roll releasing small applications for BlackBerry devices. The most recent in their lineup is their RandomPassword Generator. For $9.95 S4BB allows you to generate complex passwords on your BlackBerry. As a security conscious person I would usually say that this is a good idea. The problem is that there is…


Breaking The Law? Put A Password On Your BlackBerry

Mike Masnick reported on Techdirt about a scary twist on the fourth amendment. According to a paper written by Adam Gershowitz, a criminal law professor, police have the right to search the contents of your smartphone if you are arrested. I am no lawyer but the idea is that if you are arrested then any…


How To: Free Memory By Removing Voice Dialing, PTT, & Others

Yesterday I decided it was time to clean up house on my BlackBerry. All my applications were running very slow and I had less than 3Mb of free storage. The time had come to finally rectify the problem. Previously I would have just removed some programs I installed and that would be that. This time…


Screenshots Of Available Free BlackBerry Vendor Themes

After posting Rcbjr’s instructions on how to unlock vendor themes I promised to follow up with screenshots of the available vendor themes. The screenshots below are from an 8310 and show all of the themes available at this time. The themes for the 8800 are similar and the 8100 themes are more or less smaller…


How To: Activate / Unlock Free Vendor Themes Free

I have to start off this post by saying that these instructions probably do not work for the 8130. With that said Rcbjr (AKA Richard ) has kindly allowed us to republish the great instructions he posted on on how to unlock vendor themes. Yes these are the same instructions we referenced before but…

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