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BlackBerry FAQ

FAQ: List Of BlackBerry .ALX Vendor ID Numbers

If you are new to the BlackBerry platform especially if you don’t know what a Vendor ID is you should probably ignore this article. I was removing some of the other vendor themes that I do not use from my BlackBerry and decided to help out the people after me. I could not find a good reference…

arc-side-main Provides How To Sync BlackBerry With Linux Tutorial

Joe Barr just posted a great little tutorial on about how to sync your BlackBerry with Linux. The applications have been developing from the ground up for some time but this is the first step by step tutorial I have seen on how to sync your BlackBerry with Evolution. If you are a Linux…


How To Get Offline GPS Mapping With TrekBuddy

Josep sent me a link to a post by James on about how to setup offline maps on your BlackBerry. I had been looking into this a few months back with no success so I am glad somebody has finally figured it out. You will find that this is not just a simple install….


FAQ: Google Explains How To Setup SPAM Addresses In Gmail

I just ran across a great article on the official Gmail blog about how to create disposable and filterable email addresses in Gmail. I thought this was a great feature and decided to share. I personally have been using this feature for ages to be able to easily filter where my email is coming from….


FAQ: How To Dial Phone Numbers With Letters

I know many people already know this shortcut but after reading a RIM Knowledgebase article about it I thought I would share it again. Many companies such as Fed-Ex advertise their numbers like 1–800–GO-FEDEX. The problem is that BlackBerrys do not have the traditional 3 letters per key of other cellphones. This problem is simply…


FAQ: BlackBerry 8100 Pearl Disassembly Instructions

Guess, one of the gurus at, has created a wonderful How-To for disassembling an 8100. I just stumbled across it but it has been around for a few months now. I find these instructions useful and enjoyable because I just love to see the guts of my electronics. The pictures are awesome but if you want…


Sherlock Holmes & The Case Of The Missing BrickBreaker Ball

Sorry guys I could not resist. Stefano sent me a link to one of the funniest RIM Knowledgebase articles I have seen to date. The article is titled BrickBreaker lost ball. ProblemWhile playing BrickBreaker (in OS 4.2.1), the ball passes through a wall instead of rebounding, causing the ball to leave the screen and not…

arc-side-main 5 things/tips you should know BEFORE a BlackBerry Outage

The resident genius at, Hayden, has released a pretty interesting How-To document on what to do and know BEFORE a BlackBerry outage. I found it a pretty interesting read and I am sure you will also. My favorite is the idea of running a device diagnostic report to check if your device is actually…

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