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BlackBerry FAQ

FAQ: OS 4.5 Remote Email Search For BES 4.1.5 Users

Tom sent in a tip that reminded me about one of the small yet very useful improvements to be had with OS 4.5 & BES 4.1.5. The new OS and BES together allow you to search your mailbox from your BlackBerry and retrieve emails that are no longer on your BlackBerry. This knowledgebase article pointed…


FAQ: How To Open The Application Loader Without Going Through Desktop Manager

Now this is a quick trick I learned that I thought I would share. Have you ever just wanted to add or remove an application right quick without having to fire up Desktop Manager and wait for it to connect to your Exchange server? I found a way to quickly fire up the application loader…


FAQ: How To Create A Keyboard Shortcut To Search Your Messages With A Saved Search

This is a common question I get when friends see the shortcut I have setup on my BlackBerry to only show me my unread messages. These shortcuts are accessible by going into the messages application and selecting ALT+Shortcut_Letter. For example, my unread messages shortcut is ALT+U. To create a keyboard shortcut to search for unread…


FAQ: How Can I Wipe My BlackBerry With A Broken Keyboard

I have been asked variants of this question quite a few times in the last few weeks so I thought I would address it. Last year we described how to wipe all the information off your BlackBerry through the OS. The problem a few people ran into is that sometimes this is not exactly possible….


FAQ: Understanding Your BlackBerrys Lithium-Ion Battery

Oakie sent in this great article by Marshall Brain of HowStuffWorks the does a great job of explaining Lithium-Ion batteries. In case you did not know, this is the type of battery that powers your Berry. I found the description quite interesting and thought I would share. Here are some FAQ points I thought were…


FAQ: How To Disable BES Wireless Sync So You Can Selectively Restore & Disable Grayed Out Databases

A friend of mines BlackBerry was having problems with its profiles and I thought it might help to use BlackBerry Desktop Manager to clear the Profiles database. Turns out that this is not that easy on a device hooked up to a BES! All of the BES synchronized databases are grayed out in the selective/advanced…


FAQ: Descriptions Of The Databases On Your BlackBerry

Have you ever done a selective or advanced restore on your BlackBerry and wondered what all of those databases do? I was doing some research and ran across this RIM knowledgebase article and found it very useful useful. I always thought RIM’s naming scheme was a little confusing. Who would guess that the RMS database…


FAQ: How To Create A New PowerPoint, Word, Or Excel File In Documents To Go Standard Free Edition

Now this tip is nothing really new but for some reason when Andree sent it in over two weeks ago it got lost in my complex Google Apps filters. (My bad) Many of you may already know this but you can easily bypass the restriction in Documents to Go that comes with OS 4.5 which…

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