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BlackBerry FAQ

FAQ: BBLight – How To Setup Simultaneous Vibrate & Ring Free

When I mentioned BBLight adding free Vibrate+Ring functionality yesterday quite a few readers were confused about how to set it up. Tateu offered some advice on how to set it up since it is not straight forward so I thought I would share… First download and install BBLight OTA at: http://www.tateu.net/software/dl.php?f=bblight Click on the profile…


FAQ: Easily Add Hebrew Fonts To Your BlackBerry OTA & Using Your Desktop

I get a request about once a week about how to add Hebrew fonts to your BlackBerry. It has been possible for quite awhile to add Hebrew fonts to your BlackBerry by installing a multilingual OS on your device but you had to hunt around for the right one. The problem is that you had…


FAQ: BlackBerry Application Center vs. Application Storefront Confirmed & Explained

I have to admit I was a bit confused myself when details started coming out about the BlackBerry Application Center & Application Storefront. They all got jumbled together for me so I thought I would clarify it for all of you in case you were in the same boat. I decided to ask RIM just…


FAQ: Setup Guide For Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking With Your BlackBerry

RIM detailed the steps for setting up Bluetooth dial-up networking on your BlackBerry in a recent knowledge base article. I had trouble setting this up in the past so I found the guide very helpful. In case you do not know Bluetooth dial-up networking means that you are tethering your BlackBerry over Bluetooth to connect…


FAQ: Document Formats Supported By Documents To Go

Documents To Go brought actual document editing and viewing to the BlackBerry on a larger scale. With OS 4.5 we were finally able to open Word, Excel, & Powerpoint files from our BlackBerrys and download them to our SD cards. The problem was that the first version of Documents To Go did not support Office…


FAQ: Workaround For Database Errors During A Backup

Yesterday my brother (a fellow BlackBerry addict) asked me how to fix a problem he was having while trying to backup his BlackBerry. Every time he tried to do a full backup it would error out on the messages database and exit the backup. It was the dreaded “Error Backing Up Database” message. Sadly there…


FAQ: Explanation Of Each BlackBerry Service Book Type

When users first hear about a BlackBerry service book they usually give me a quizzical look. Its not something any other phone really does or requires. Some carriers will push out configuration files but that’s a one time deal. For a BlackBerry a service book details how your BlackBerry will connect with RIM’s servers and…


FAQ: Breakdown Of Device Wiping Options

Since OS 4.2 and 4.3 there have been a few more options that people have been using to wipe their device clean. RIM was kind enough to recently post a knowledge base article detailing what exactly is done during each wipe process and I thought it would be a useful tidbit to share with you…

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