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BlackBerry Maps Bug Details Confirmed Along With Workaround

BlackBerry has finally gotten around to confirming the BlackBerry Maps application startup crash bug in their knowledge base. Ironically they recommend the same workaround that we mentioned yesterday. They have also confirmed that the issue is only on BlackBerry 10 OS versions older than This just goes to show that BlackBerry has to…


BlackBerry KB Confirms Lost SMS & MMS Bug In Latest 10.1 MR1 OS Update

Has SMS on your BlackBerry 10 device gone a bit wonky since you upgraded to the new BlackBerry OS 10.1 Maintenance Release earlier this week? I am sad to report that we have been hearing about this since the launch. Users are reporting that they are losing their SMS since the upgrade to the new…


FAQ: All The Current BlackBerry 10 Models and Their Hardware IDs

  Over the last few months we have seen a bit of confusion about the different BlackBerry 10 models. Some people may not realize that there are five different variants of the Q10 and four different Z10 models. If you have installed a leaked OS before then you are familiar with some of these distinctions….


The Big Difference Between WhatsApp vs BBM Sent, Delivery, & Read Notifications

We have been getting this question a few times recently and I thought I would address it. I personally use both BBM and WhatsApp and they are both great for different purposes. They are very similar systems but there are some key differences that have users confused. The check marks, delivery marks, and read marks…


BlackBerry Rolling Out a New Domain for Bricked BlackBerry 10 Devices

It seems like BlackBerry is looking at a different way to help users with bricked devices. In the past they have had special web page links for Java Error codes. Now they have unveiled a new website for BlackBerry 10 devices starting from the upcoming OS 10.2. If the device does not start up…


FAQ: How Many Days in the Past/Future Does BlackBerry 10 Calendar Sync with CalDAV (aka Gmail, Yahoo, etc)

A few readers have asked me over the last month how CalDAV wireless calendar synching works on BlackBerry 10. If you have setup your Gmail, Google Apps, or some Yahoo and other accounts on your BlackBerry 10 phone you will notice that it syncs your Calendar entries using CalDAV. The problem is it does not…


OS 10.1.2050+ to Fix BlackBerry Z10 Random Reboot Issue Some Are Experiencing

One of those issues that I have never really experienced on BlackBerry 10 is random reboots. For some reason I have been spared the issue though some on Verizon say its a regular experience. Now my buddy Simon @CrackBerry noticed a knowledge base article that confirms the issue. It states that the issue is isolated…

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