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BlackBerry FAQ

FAQ: How to Remove Gmail BIS Wireless Synchronized Contact Lists

UPDATED: See Below Changes One of the cool new features that came in BIS 3.X was the ability to synchronize your Gmail or Google Apps contact list with your BlackBerry wirelessly. That is all good and dandy but say you wanted to remove the synchronization in the future. I was curious how I could do…


FAQ: How to Remove Uninstalled Apps from App World My World Screen

Some of you may already know about this little trick but I got asked about it again today so I thought I would share it publicly. One of the wonderful “Features” in App World is that there is no easy way to remove the apps you have uninstalled from showing up in your App World…


FAQ: How To Activate Your BlackBerry on a BES Without Wireless Enterprise Activation

The ability to activate BlackBerrys on a BES without performing Wireless Enterprise Activation has been around for years. The original way to activate BlackBerrys was by connecting them directly to the BES server. Over the years RIM extended that concept to also work if you connected it to a PC with Desktop Manager connected to…


FAQ: Download Large Files Using Opera Mini

Have you ever tried downloading a large file and run into the wonderful error "HTTP Error 413: Request Entity Too Large"? This is caused when you try to download a large file using the native BlackBerry browser. Tom told us a little trick about how you can use Opera Mini to get around RIM’s requirement….


FAQ: How To Perform Seppuku & Delete Your Whole Address Book

This little hidden feature in the BlackBerry address book can either be your best friend or the beginning of the worst prank ever. For example, I have been having an issue with my device where my BES contacts are duplicated on my device twice. A few quick keystrokes later I can force a re-sync with…


FAQ: Make BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 Faster With One Small Setting Change

With the release of BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 (BBM) RIM really added some overhead in the app. It seems much less responsive than the original and can take a few seconds to open up a chat to view it. One of our writers, JohnnyB, Told me that he changed one small option and now all of…


FAQ: Possible Solution For Dreaded BlackBerry Error 523

I have dealt with Error 523 quite a few times on my BlackBerry though it is not as common as Error 507. Kevin sent in a great tip for our monthly tip contest with his solution for the BlackBerry Error 523 on this Tour 9630. I did a quick search for BlackBerry Error on Google…


FAQ: How To Backup Your BlackBerry Applications With BBMCP

Over the past few months I have shown a few friends how they can backup their BlackBerry apps using some free online tools. Its a shame that RIM does not provide this functionality natively in Desktop Manager but at least it is possible. I mentioned this to Cory from BBGeeks and he was kind enough…

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