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BlackBerry FAQ

FAQ: How Long Does The Red LED Light Blink For Messages

This is definitely not the most groundbreaking FAQ but it was something I was always interested to know. For years RIM has offered the option to make the LED light blink red when you have unread messages or missed phone calls. I was always curious how long that LED light would remain red since after…


FAQ: Remember To Call Your Mom Using Your BlackBerry Calendar

We told you a bit back about how to use your BlackBerry calendar to join a conference call but the same feature works for other purposes. Jerry pointed out to us that you can use the conference call feature in an appointment to remind you to call just about anybody with one click. This trick…


FAQ: How to Stop Desktop Manager From Automatically Checking for Device Software Updates

Some people may like the feature RIM added that automatically checks for OS updates for your phone when you plug it in. I for one find the prompt quite annoying since I am usually running the latest update and don’t want to waste time waiting for the check to complete. RIM has kindly provided a…


FAQ: 3 Useful Email Message Subject Line Commands When Sending Emails

I have known about the <confirm> email message subject line command for awhile but I was not aware of two others that RIM pointed out in a new Knowledgebase article. If you put <confirm> in the subject line of an outgoing email you will receive a delivery confirmation for that email. You can setup a…


FAQ: Easily Refresh Webpage With JavaScript Enabled in BlackBerry Browser

I am not sure when RIM added this to the OS builds but I discovered it a few months back and I find it invaluable. Many people run their BlackBerrys with JavaScript disabled in the browser. This speeds up website loading times and really makes life easier when using the underpowered BB browser with sites…


FAQ: Easily Join A Conference Call Through The BlackBerry Calendar

Jerry reminded me about a feature that was added in OS 4.6.1 that I use every once in awhile. RIM added the ability to set conference call options globally or separately for each call. This can be used to easily dial into a conference call when the reminder comes up or simply remember to call…


FAQ: Options for Rebooting A BlackBerry – Hard & Soft Reset

Over the years there have been quite a few options for performing a hard or soft reset of your BlackBerry. In case you don’t know the difference between a hard and soft reset I will describe it. A soft reset is when you request a reset from the BlackBerry OS by performing the functions below….


FAQ: Duplicate Desktop or Unknown Contact List Databases Found in Contact Options

Recently I have been hearing this problem happening over and over again. It seems to target users who have some sort of contact sync setup whether it be BES, Gmail contact sync over BIS, or some other contact sync app like Google Sync. When it happened to me I found that the simple contact book…

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