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RIM Licenses exFAT From Microsoft

Microsoft announced in a press release today that they have signed a licensing agreement with RIM allowing the beleaguered BlackBerry maker “broad access” to the exFAT file system for “certain BlackBerry devices”. Hopefully this is for the coming BB10 launch devices, as this would greatly improve their media-handling capability and further dispel rumors that RIM’s…


Tip: SideLoad PlayBook Apps Using LocalBar2 Without a Proxy

Originally, a PC was required in order to sideload apps onto the PlayBook. The first release of LocalBar was created to give users the ability to sideload apps ‘locally. The PlayBook could now sideload apps onto itself. Using LocalBar, the requirement for a PC was gone. RIM then blocked that feature. The PlayBook can no longer…


BlackBerry 10 Jam Live Blog

Here we go, folks, stay tuned and hit that F5 key! Alec Saunders music video, “The Waiting Is The Hardest Part.” Brilliant. “Bring your code to the BlackBerry platform. Don’t be one of the huddled masses eking out a living from AdSense. In the last fiscal year, the number of app vendors in BlackBerry up…


LinBerry Hopes to Make it Easier to Use Your BlackBerry on Linux

Over the years Barry by NetDirect has been my go to solution for using my BlackBerry with Linux. It was worth it just for charging your BlackBerry at a faster rate. Now it seems like there is another alternative called LinBerry that I am guessing is based off Barry but makes things a little bit…


LocalBar 2 Allows You To Sideload Apps to Your PlayBook Without a PC

Yohanes Nugroho is at it again with a new version of his original LocalBar app. The new LocalBar app gets around RIM’s block of the original LocalBar app method by using a proxy to fool the PlayBook into thinking an app is being sideloaded from a PC. Yohanes has provided a proxy that you can…


Sideload Free ConnectBot SSH Client on Your PlayBook (Android)

I mentioned yesterday that I was on the hunt for a solid SSH client for my PlayBook. As I told you yesterday their is a native port of the popular PuTTy opensource client for the PlayBook but the dev who ported it is charging $4.99 for the pleasure. @Oleg_Bolshakov suggested an alternative of using the…


What Android Apps Have You Sideloaded On Your PlayBook? (My Favorites)

  We have been able to sideload repackaged Android apps on the PlayBook for awhile now since RIM first started showing us OS 2.0. Now that OS 2.0 is finally officially available for all and there is no reason not to upgrade I thought I would broach this topic. While RIM has been incentivizing developers…


Dingleberry Jailbreak Tool Updated to v3.3.2

The Dingleberry team keeps on rolling out updates and improvements to their PlayBook jailbreaking tool. The latest update over the weekend brings us to v3.3.2. Since the previous release that we mentioned there are now new scripts that do things like turn on USB host or scripting themes and Android Market installations. You can find…

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