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Shlomo Morgulis

Q10 Admired by Current and Former BlackBerry Users, Poll Shows

As we await the Q10′s arrival in the US market, the question of how popular it will be is on everyone’s minds. The Z10, of course, met the needs of touchscreen lovers, but are there enough people who will like the Q10 to justify its existence and help keep BlackBerry afloat? Well, it looks like…


BBRY Has a Good First Day at the Office

Re-branded with a BBRY ticker symbol (it was previously trading as RIMM), BlackBerry’s stock did quite well Monday, opening trading at 13.74 and closing at 14.98 on the NASDAQ. The Monday close was a full 15% higher than Friday’s final trading. Though it’s likely to be coincidental to the new BBRY name, the 15% increase…


Major League Baseball Promoting BlackBerry 10?

We’ve been hearing for months about about RIM’s necessary expanded marketing efforts as they move toward the launch of BlackBerry 10. It looks like they’re getting some help from the folks at MLB.com. Surprisingly (at least to some) people on MLB.com’s mailing list received an email with the subject “Discover the new BlackBerry Experience: BlackBerry…


Innovative Bluebuds X Headphones Now Available

Great new headphones are always something to get excited about, and based on what I’m seeing about these Bluebuds X ones put out by jaybird, they really are quite amazing. Featuring an impressive eight hour battery life, the wireless headphones have various cool features which should really improve the listening experience. Features include: Puresound, which…


Devs: BlackBerry 10 BBM Social Platform Webcast December 6th

  Integration is the name of the game these days, and if you’re a BlackBerry developer hoping your application will be successful, you might be thinking about integrating it with BlackBerry Messenger. At 11 AM EST on December 6, RIM will be hosting a webcast which will tell you what you need to know about…


BlackBerry Lessons from Hurricane Sandy

Power loss is certainly not something you hope for, but the optimist in me wants to make the most of the situation wrought by Hurricane Sandy. Though millions of people were affected by the storm (some more than others) and others are still recovering, it still feels appropriate to share some of the hard lessons…


RIM’s Nigerian Focus

In advance of the release of BlackBerry 10, RIM has managed to increase the size of its subscriber base by attracting customers in some emerging markets. This is particularly true in Africa where RIM is (reportedly) the continent’s market leader in smartphones, including significant markets like Nigeria and South Africa. Nigeria in particular – as…


RIM Q2 2013 Earnings Call Recap

The news was not too bad this evening as RIM CEO Thorstein Heins and some VPs conducted their quarterly earnings call, recapping the second quarter of fiscal 2013 to investors. Though the BlackBerry 10 is still a ways into the future – and anyone who follows the organization from afar is more anticipatory than reflective…

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