BlackBerry 10 Super Bowl Commerical – Interpreted

Love it or hate it, the BlackBerry Super Bowl commercial has people talking. By most definitions, that makes it a success. Still, you might wonder – as I did – why the specific imagery that they chose? Elephant legs? A jump-edit away from them into a poof of smoke? I have very good news: it…


Kindle on the PlayBook – Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader

Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader is now available.  While it’s clear that PlayBook support was not a first priority, with a couple of tweaks the PlayBook is supported.  It’s not perfect, but it’s a fair bit better than the love Amazon has shown for PlayBook to date (that is to say – none at all). To…


Kindle for PlayBook: News (of a sort)

Way back when the PlayBook was announced Amazon said they will be supporting the Kindle bookstore on it. So far that has yet to materialize but in my regular quest for news about a PlayBook Kindle release, I came across this recent thread in the Amazon Kindle support forums. Amazon Kindle Customer Service says:  Hello…


Review: Lonely Turret for the BlackBerry PlayBook (Revisited)

A while back, Jay wrote a Lonely Turret review and a follow up.  However, these were written before he could play the game; I thought I’d give it a revisit, now that the PB has been released and the game itself has received some initial updates. (Based on conversations with the developer, more are coming)….


Typical Users of ______ Devices

We see them every few months – a new  “study” that finds iPhone Users have more sex;  or shows how BlackBerry users are typically professional types.  Every time, a ripple goes through the smartphone communities.  Across different phone enthusiast sites (‘Berry, Android, Nokia, Apple) we collectively say “that’s stupid, most people I know are nothing…

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