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Sidebar wants to bring free content to you

It took me a while to understand what this Sidebar application is about, but eventually it became clear: Sidebar is a push application that recommends content to you on your BlackBerry. Or, in their own words…


Browse forums on your BlackBerry with BerryBlab

Forums are great source of technical help or general knowledge. You can learn a lot reading forums, no matter what topic. But reading forums on a BlackBerry is often not a pleasant experience. Forums are most definitely not designed for small screens. Some forums have “mobile” versions, but those are rarely good. The Generation Media…


Oratio: screen reader for the visually impaired

Try using your dear BlackBerry with your eyes closed for a minute and realize how utterly impossible that is. Well, you can probably listen to music and place phone calls, but that’s about it. We just take our eyesight for granted all the time, and completely forget about all the people who don’t have it….


Tips: BlackBerry Messenger best practices

The BlackBerry Messenger is a remarkable tool. But not only does it have software glitches, it is also a social connectivity tool, and as such it has its socially related pitfalls because you’re not just dealing with a piece of software, you’re also dealing with people. If you just started using it, there are problems…


Rant! BlackBerry blog has new, lame design

I didn’t even know there was an “Official BlackBerry Blog.” I should have known. A friendly reader just told me that the “Official BlackBerry Blog” has a new design. It’s the beautiful thing you can see above. Ain’t that pretty? I like it. But wait…


Bccthis: New Messaging Technology Set to Revolutionize Communications

This is a brand-new announcement, and I might as well ask our dear readership some much needed help so I can hopefully understand what the heck they are talking about. Here is the product’s page and here is the announcement. Now here come highlights that I selected:


New App: Iconify 0.8.3, public BETA

After a while in closed beta, Iconify is finally released in public BETA. Iconify is a brand new application brought to you by that, basically, lets you create an “Iconify Dial Link” to any contact of your BlackBerry address book directly on your Home screen. In fact, you can create Home screen icons/links for…


Gune mobile search

There is nothing wrong with just using Google to search for anything on the BlackBerry. The BlackBerry browser is a major disappointment, but it’s still usable. It gets the job done. But searching on the BlackBerry can be improved. Handcase, a Brazilian company with lots of experience with the Palm platform, has just introduced its…

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