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BBSSH Has New Version and New Site

BBSSH has come a long way. Initially, it was called MidpSSH. The development on that app wasn’t so active anymore eventually, so Marc Paradise took upon himself the task of improving it. The project was forked and became BBSSH, with plenty of improvement. If you use SSH and a BlackBerry, you really want to have…


Leaked: OS for the Tour 9630

If you have the Tour 9630, you may want to give this leaked OS a try:, as indicated by BlackBerry Leaks. The leaked file is HERE, hosted at Multiupload.com so I suggest you waste no time because these links have a tendency to be taken down shortly. Just out of curiosity, note that BB…


Official OS for 8900 (not

OOPS! I did it again. The correct version of this release is, not Sorry! I make that mistake often!  :(  Everything else still applies, corrected below. MadMax, one of our favorite readers, informed us today of a new OS release for the 8900. This time it’s not a leak, it’s an official…


RANT! Does Anybody at RIM Actually Use Browser Bookmarks?

I really hate the BlackBerry Browser bookmarks. They are, unfortunately, a good example of most of all complaints I have had about what’s wrong with Research In Motion and the BlackBerry platform over the last year or so: sometimes it really seems like RIM’s developers don’t use a BlackBerry themselves. Some flaws are so silly,…


Today only: Aces Texas Hold’em for $2.49

This is one of Ronen’s favorite games on the BlackBerry and it is going for a special price. Aces Texas Hold’em — No Limit usually sells for $4.49, but Mobihand is offering it for $2.49. This special offer is valid today only, February 09, 2010. Since Mobihand is our partner, you can get it for…


Gym Technik now supported on OS 5.0

You may be familiar with Gym Technik since we have mentioned it before. In fact, we have twice. On both occasions, we mentioned that it is a free app + service. If you’re into fitness, why not give it a try? Running OS 5.0 on your BlackBerry is no longer an excuse. They just informed…


Today only: Par 72 Golf II for $2.49

If you like games, don’t miss this opportunity: Mobihand’s Deal of the Day today is Par 72 Golf II for $2.49. The regular price is $4.99, but you can get it for the special price if you buy it today. I have this game on my BlackBerry and I really like it. Of course, there…


Sidebar wants to bring free content to you

It took me a while to understand what this Sidebar application is about, but eventually it became clear: Sidebar is a push application that recommends content to you on your BlackBerry. Or, in their own words…

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