Coming soon: waterproof Blackberry!

This was posted by Blackberry Cool two days ago already, but I thought it was so interesting I thought I had to share it with as many people as possible. The Northeast Maritime Institute is working on something called the Golden Shellback, splash proof coatings. It is … a unique coating that protects critical operational…


SHAPE’s VR+ gets Wifi

Today, the BerryReview store told me that there was a new version of VR+ available. It is one of my favorite applications. If you have never read our review, you probably should. So I checked it out. It wasn’t difficult because now they have a change log! That is one very good change already! If…


Calculator apps part 5: powerOne

Review: powerOne 1.0 Rating: 8.8/10 Cost: $ 49.95 OTA installation Believe it or not, this is the fifth installment of the old calculator roundup. After so long, I am sure that many people thought I would never finish it. These people were not far off the mark. I’ve been really unable to contribute to BerryReview,…


Yahoo! Gives! Free! Blackberry! Pearl!

Yahoo! has been running its Pearl-a-Day giveaway since June 1st. But I only discovered it today. Sorry about that, readers. Apparently, all you need is to be a resident in one of the 50 United States of America (or D.C.), be at least 18 years old and have a Yahoo! mail address to qualify for…


MO-Call supports the Blackberry

The IT News has just published a press release whereby MO-Call announces the addition of the Blackberry platform to their list of supported phones. I had never heard of MO-Call before, but apparently it is popular in the UK. If you crave using their service but never did because your Blackberry was not supported, you’ve…


Opera Mini works with BIS

I just learned that Opera Mini was updated a few days ago. No wonder it took me days to be informed, they called it a “silent release”. Their reason for not making a fuss over it is that it applies to the Palm and Blackberry only. Two fixes for the Blackberry are mentioned: ability to…


10 reasons to ditch your Blackberry for the iPhone

We’re all Blackberry site readers and have seen or discussed many reasons to prefer the Blackberry over the iPhone. I have many reasons of my own. But certainly there are enough reasons for the opposite switch. Certainly iPhone fans have plenty of argumentation beyond the mere “cool factor” to convince a Blackberry lover that the…


T-Mobile Pearl 8120 reviewed at InsanelyMac

Hi. My name is Luciano and I used to write for BerryReview. Reviews are great for putting me to sleep (especially my own) so I read this one last night before going to bed. Well, actually I read it in bed thanks to the Blackberry. I found it interesting and thought I would share it….

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