Still having an issue with BlackBerry World? Try this fix!

JDuke from OSBB just sent me a BAR file, that might help people having BlackBerry World issues.  Instead of opening up BlackBerry World to the features page, this nifty little work around opens BlackBerry World up in the Game section. Now because this is a 3rd party .bar file you will have to sideload it….


Blackberry Z10 Battery and Charging Bundle Review

I know this might seem a little late to the party, but one of the accessories I have had the hardest time getting my hands on with out over paying has been the LS-1 Charging Bundle.  I was able to find it in stock over at MobileFun.com with the best price I have seen on…

arc-side-main Leaks for the BlackBerry Z10

I wanted to post this last night,but wanted to get it on my device first to make sure it was legit and stable.  And it has been.   This is the first full 10.1 leak that we have seen, after Ronen posted the links to the developer preview the other day.  There are some nice…


AT&T VM Viewer and YouMail for the BlackBerry Z10 [Sideload]

Trying to cover all angles of what the Z10 is capable of, we mainly find ourselves missing a lot of the extra things we can do to make the most of the device.  Most Z10 users I know do not have any sideloaded apps on their device.  Sideloading is a great way to take advantage…


Veho 360 Bluetooth Speaker Review

It amazes me how much power and technology can be packed in to small electronics these days.  Take the Veho 360 Bluetooth speaker for example, the unit is basically 2 1/4 inches by 2 1/4 inches. Allows for Bluetooth connectivity, line in, and as an added bonus, it will read MP3 files off a micro SD card….


BlackBerry App Wednesday for April 10/2013

As you may have noticed, every Wednesday BlackBerry posts the newest highlighted apps that are not available in BlackBerry World.  This week we have a good mix of apps.  Please remember that these apps are for the BlackBerry 10 platform, and not legacy devices. Check out the list below! Gaming Draw War: Save Yer Booty (Synqua…


Vote for the BlackBerry Z10 to WIN Smartphone Madness 2013

In the final round of Smartphone Madness 2013, hosted by Laptop Magazine it is the Z10 vs the Nokia Lumia 920.  So far the Lumia 920 has come out with a strong lead, but we know BlackBerry nation can win this! Head on over and vote for the BlackBerry Z10 for smartphone domination!


BlackBerry Starts Pushing OS for the BlackBerry Z10

NerdBerry just posted that some users world wide are receiving a small update to OS  There is no change log as of yet.  Being only 37mb, it can’t be too much besides maybe some performance enhancements.  If you received the update, and notice some difference, please let us know if the comments section. UPDATE: looks like…

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