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Updated: Is Google Play Store Landing on BlackBerry 10.2.1?

Update: As far as I know this has been confirmed as a hoax. Sorry guys! Well to say there haven’t been some fueled discussions about this in some of my groups would be a lie.  From the optimist who wants to see this land on the BlackBerry 10 platform, to the other who don;t believe…


Never Run Low With Power On The Go

I did a lot of travelling this summer, and my worry while travelling or playing tourist is running out of juice on my Z10.  Many could say to just grab an external charging pack or the LS1 charging kit.  Yes, I could do that, but why not explore some other options like the Seidio and…


iGrann Will Bring a Native Instagram Client to BlackBerry 10

We have all been patiently waiting for Instagram to give us a native client, so we can eliminate sideloading the Android ports.  But, that is a far cry from reality.  Well today Gaspertrix posted a post on the CrackBerry forums, stating that he is working on a native Instagram client for the BlackBerry 10 platform…


BlackBerry.com Starts Selling Factory Unlocked BlackBerry 10 Devices Direct

Wow, the time has finally come! For years I have been saying BlackBerry should be selling their devices direct to the consumer factory unlocked.  In the same fashion that Apple and Google do.  Well the time has come.  BlackBerry.com is now offering the Z10 and Q10 direct to the end user, and factory unlocked.  This…


The BlackBerry Z30 Goes on Sale in the UK With International Shipping

We all saw the BlackBerry Z30 get launched in Malaysia last week, with satellite events in France and India.  The Z30 is the Z10 replacement as the BlackBerry 10 flagship device.  It boasts a 5-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1280 x 768, 1.7GHz dual-core processor with 2GB RAM, BBOS, and a 2,880mAh battery. Other rumoured specifications include…


WordPress Native Client Comes to BlackBerry 10 in Beta Form

If you use WordPress and have a BlackBerry 10 phone, this should make you happy! Many of us have been using the updated Android port to make due so far on BlackBerry 10, but this weekend WordPress has released a beta.  It is very similar to the other clients we use, with no new added…


MicroMax Starts Advertising BBM Cross Platform

Last week MicroMax made announcement stating that cross platform BlackBerry Messenger will be available on all phones that support it at point of sale.  Now today this nice short little advertisement shows up on YouTube.  The short video is catchy, and will definitely get peoples attention.  It  is not knows on where/when it will air, but good…


Magic4Square, Automatic Foursquare Check in App Released for BlackBerry 10

Last week we mentioned the Magic4Square was coming soon for BlackBerry 10.  Magic4square is a Foursquare auto check in app, that lets you map and add all of your favourite spots.  It allows for custom settings for range and length of stay, but also many more customizable options.  It was recently released out of beta…

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