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Switch for BlackBerry PlayBook

    Switch is a new game by Atomicom which claims to be “fastest gaming experience on BlackBerry devices,” and I have to admit it is pretty fast. The game’s objective is fairly simple; try and go the furthest distance before crashing. The visual effects are pretty good though I did experience a minor glitch while trying…


Ring in the new year with these PlayBook apps

2013 is almost here and with all the festivities that’s going to be occuring; check out these apps to help you ring in the new year. Cocktail Fusion Enigmartin Ltd. is the creator of this app which offers over 55,000 cocktails recipes. Unlike other apps where you are force to look up drinks and hope…


BlackBerry Jam Asia keynote address now available

RIM just had its BlackBerry Jam Asia event this week but it was not streamed live. However, TechRevolutionist has upload a video of the entire keynote address for your view pleasure. There’s nothing new that we haven’t already seen or read about but some more indept demo is given regarding the BlackBerry hub and contact information. The…


BlackBerry 10 will solidify RIM’s position as the third major mobile platform

I get it’s become fashionable to report opinions as fact today, so if you follow RIM you pretty much see this on daily basis. Similarly, I also get why in the past developers moved away from RIM for its poor developer tools and not listening enough to their needs. But RIM has undergone a massive…


Real time twitter visualisation app coming to BlackBerry 10

While BlackBerry 10 is still a couple of months away, it hasn’t stopped people from developing for it. The folks at Conduct, an app development agency, are planning to bring their Feather Duster app to BlackBerry 10. Feather Duster is a real time twitter visualisation app that brings a fresh way of viewing tweets. They currently have the app being demoed…


Is RIM Really Serious About Licensing BlackBerry 10?

It’s been interesting to watch RIM go through its transition to BB10. But one comment that always raises my eyebrow is all this talk about licensing BB10 to other OEM. Is RIM really serious about licensing BB10 to the likes of HTC, Samsung, or LG? Well, maybe but it’s certainly not their primary goal. Licensing…


What BlackBerry 10 device are you getting? Here’s why you should get a full-touch BB10 device

I’ve been a long time BlackBerry user and ever since I got my first one, I’ve had nothing but the traditional BlackBerry phone. By traditional I mean the small screen with the standard keyboard below. It did exactly what I needed it to do, allowing me to communicate with people that matter and be productive…


Tell it like it is: Alec Saunder

Hiring Alec Saunder was probably one of the best decisions RIM made last year. The CBC, which is a major news network in Canada, sat down with him for an interview. I have to say the CBC’s questions were right on point and thought Alec answered them honestly. The interview starts off by Alec being asked…

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