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EU Has Voted to Agree on a Single Universal Mobile Charger

The EU has voted to update radio equipment laws to push for a common charger for all mobile phones to simplify consumers’ use and reduce unnecessary waste and costs. However, we don’t know which charger will be picked as the universal standard。 Most of the phone makers, including BlackBerry, use MicroUSB as the standard charger,…


FCC Clearing Wi-Fi Congestion with More 5Ghz Bandwidth

The Federal Communication Commission may approve a proposal for the policy of technical standards to provide more airwaves for wireless devices on March 31. In this way, the licensed and unlicensed spectrum can share the 5 GHz band. This would essentially double the available bandwidth in 5Ghz Wi-Fi by allowing unlicensed access on the 5Ghz…


Skiing Fred Game is Available in BlackBerry World

Love thrilling sports and games? Consider playing Skiing Fred and take control of the character to perform special moves. But watch out! Fatal traps, blinding blizzards, extreme storms, and the chasing Azrael (a skeleton in a black robe with a scythe in hand) are your company on the journey. If you slow down and the…


Invite Your BBM Friends to Play Candy Slash Story

Want to share more candy with your BBM friends? The Candy Slash Story game added 95 more challenging levels. You can invite BBM friends to compete, and they can send you lives and keys for unlocking new features. I have been playing the game in the train on my way home and it’s highly addictive….


pCell Will Put Your Phone In the LTE Fast Lane

Getting ugly looks when House of Cards gets disconnected on your BlackBerry even with 4G LTE? Trying to get a cell tower installed in your car? Well, just hold onto your phone (or tablet) and read about pCell, a new wireless technology that promises turn every phone into a miniature cell tower, delivering full 4G…


More Ways to Make Your Gloves Touch Screen Sensitive, Even Without Nanotips

Hello March! While some of you have put on light clothes to celebrate spring, there are still some people wrapping themselves up for the chilly weather, especially in New York. Days ago, we shared a Kickstarter project, Nanotips, a solution to the dilemma of keeping your hands inside gloves when you use your touch screen phone….


PMA and A4MP Consolidate for Wireless Charging Standard to Compete with Qi

Some of you may already own a BackBerry Z30 packed with Qi wireless charging technology. Sadly that is only enabled on Verizon but hopefully BlackBerry is going to implement it in all future devices. Recently Qi’s competitors, the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) and Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP), decided to consolidate and establish a universal…


Magic Liquid Makes Your Favorite Gloves Touch Screen Friendly

Have you ever used your nose to unlock your touchscreen phone in chilly weather because you want to stay warm and not take your hands out of your pockets? Now, this awkwardness can come to an end with Nanotips, which is a compound liquid that you can apply to your gloves’ tips to make them…

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