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BlackBerry Venice Shows Up In Video Demo

BlackBerry Venice

We have started see several post showing with a video demo of the BlackBerry Venice (Slider) model. The short demo shows the absolute basics for now but does give an insight to the navigation, slider and keyboard usability. It is great to see that the keyboard is capacitive like we have seen in the Passport. Those interested in having Google Play services, it may well be here on the Android based model. However I pose this question, can we truly call it a BlackBerry if it is running Android in its true sense? Although I am liking the form factor, I am personally not jumping up and down for the OS.

Catch the video below from Baka Mobile:


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  1. Looks solid. I would have liked to have seen what the HUB looks like.

  2. Hope they include a BB10 version, not crazy about the Android OS. BB10 is the best OS out there! The design and the keyboard are top notch however.

  3. I’m too in love with my Passport to say good things about this. I’m sure this will be a good one. But, android?

    I do hope thy make a bb10. And I dearly hope they keep their faith on BB10 development.

  4. Really torn as I love BB10 but I want a new high end phone. If the BlackBerry version of Android is BB10 like I may buy as security is not a big issue and I love this form factor.

  5. I’m just not seeing the point of Android. Everyone is saying for profits. Nothing will sell if it’s not marketed well and fact is Blackberry simply has not marketed BB10 well! If it follows the same marketing strategy with an Android phone what will change? BB10 is simply better than iOS (oh yeah which has just been hacked) and Android (which was just hacked a few weeks ago). Yet they are selling because they are putting themselves out there regarding of how insecure their systems are. Maybe Blackberry should just simply show the difference starting with the fact that it’s truly secure especially with all the hacks that’s been going on BB has been untouched.

    • BlackBerry 10 users to JOHN Chen!

      BB10 users to John Chen!

    • I agree with what your saying completely. Their reasoning is that Android has more apps, but what good is that if there is no marketing, who will know about. What is to stop the consumer from just buying an Android phone – no real differentiator.

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