Cheero Power Plus 3 13400mAh Powerbank

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As I have stated earlier in my other powerbank reviews, powerbanks are becoming an essential part of many people’s daily lives, especially when some devices such as the iPhone losing its battery in matter of hours. Why else would BlackBerry CEO John Chen coin the term “Wall-Huggers for iPhone users? Today, we have another solid powerbank, from Cheero, the top-selling powerbank in Japan by a Japanese firm.


Japanese batteries have been hogging the spotlight, for a good reason – they have been one of the most solid, especially for those made by the then Sanyo (which is now Panasonic) as well as Fujitsu. There is no words on what batteries are used in this, but we have been told that it is definitely made in Japan.

cheero Power Plus 3 13400mAh inside the retail packaging

Many powerbanks in the market these days are made either of a aluminum/metal casing or in a rubberized shell. In this case however, Cheero opted for a durable ABS plastic material which is not only matte, but also giving a reasonably well grip. It does not feel cheap – in fact, it feels just premium in your hands. One issue though, is that they only offer a white/grey combination for color choices, so, do take note.

In the box, we have a microUSB cable as well as a super comprehensive manual. Manuals is something that we have been missing from many powerbanks, though, powerbanks are pretty much straight forward to use. But hey, it is nice to have a manual from time to time!

The Cheero Power Plus 3 13400mAh comes with 2 USB on the front, with the first supposedly providing up to 1A and the latter up to 2.1A of power. They are separated by one microUSB port for charging and on the other end, we got a round power button.

On the base, we have the model and details of the powerbank as well as the manufacturing details. As far as we know, this is made in china but with batteries from JAPAN.

The best part about this device is that it charges much faster than most of the powerbanks out here, with an input of 2A (most we reviewed have been 1-1.5A only), it charges the powerbank in a jiffy and you will have mobile power on the go quickly!

So how does this powerbank stack up?

Well, the good news that even the fussy BlackBerry Bold 9900 accepted it to charge, based on the default cable that comes with it.

Next, how does it stand on our stress test?

First we plugged our voltage/amphere reader into the 1A port. We got a healthy reading. Now plugging in our stresser at 1A, it draws a perfect 1A from the powerbank. Now, what if i powered it to 2A? Well, the port took it like a champ and bumped it up to 1.94A.

Next, we placed them into the 2.4A port. Again, a healthy reading. Packing in the 1A stress test, we got a output of 1.01A. Now turning up the game, we turned on 2A. We got a reading of 1.97A.

All in all, as we have seen from the little tests above, the powerbank is definitely more than capable to charge up your personal devices. Powering up the powerbank with the BlackBerry Premium Wall charger (2.1A) or the Anker 60W 6port charger, it definitely charged faster than my other powerbanks.

It has no problems powering my BlackBerry Passport for slightly more than 2 rounds with 3 charges on my BlackBerry 9900 (20-100%) and with this quality build on the shell, I am definitely pleased and happy with it. In fact, I do highly recommend this, which is priced at US$35.99 on amazon. As far as I am aware, Cheero is also sweetening the deal further by providing another 2-in-1 USB cable (Lightning MFI certified and microUSB) for free for purchases made now (up till 3000 units)!

As such, go ahead and check them out, if your looking for one solid powerbank!

Note: A review sample was provided for the purpose of this review.

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