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“Switch to Android” Quick Setting Button Appears In Photo of Passport, Hints of Possible Dual-Boot


“Switch to Android” in Quick Settings

Twitter user @sergioelm tweeted this pic of a Passport showing a “Switch to Android” option in the Quick Settings of a BlackBerry Passport, hinting at the possibility of a dual-boot device. This is pure speculation, of course, but if this comes to pass, it seems to me that we could have the best of both worlds! BB10 for productivity and security, and full, stable Android support for gaming, Google services, and apps without side-loading. A fully-dual-boot device could satisfy many current BlackBerry users and bring Android and iOS users back into the Blackberry fold. It remains to be seen if BlackBerry will actually implement this, but I think it bodes well that they seem to be seriously looking at the possibilities.

Would you buy a dual-boot BlackBerry? Sound off in the comments and let us know!



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  1. LOL if you are a BES administrator you can name the work/personal side of your device VIA BES policy. So this guy just name the side of his device Android, so instead of it saying switch to Work it says switch to Android!

  2. I can make mine say switch to Apple if I wanted to….

  3. This looks just wonderful.

    Reminds me of something I read from the book ‘Built to Last’ – the tyranny of the “or” and the genius of the “and”.

    Best of both worlds, indeed. Though I have never really been into games (and I don’t think I will), but hearing this ‘news’ gives us a lot of positivity that bb10 is here to stay 🙂

  4. 🙁 in light of Caspan’s remark.

  5. Here is a photo from the tweet

  6. Now with that said.. I believe BlackBerry is going to give us the choice of Android or BB10 on launch of the device or VIA Link, It will not be an option in the OS. If you are a consumer that wants Android then you plug in your phone to Link and say format the device and install OS, you will be given the choice of Android or BB10. You can switch at any time but would require a wipe of the device to do so.

    • Not really. Hypervisor can switch OS to OS in a split second. QNX has that power. All they need to do is somehow get OHA approval for such a thing. And seeing Google partnering up with BlackBerry (Not the other way around), I can see this scenario happening ATM. But for me its BB10 regardless.

  7. Choice is good.

    Bb10 and the Passport is what got me back to Blackberry.

    Keeping the faith and hoping for the best from Blackberry.

    Thanks for the heads-up, Caspan!

  8. You’re correct caspan but I don’t think the icon can be changed to a little android bot! Do you ? I’m not optimistic about the dualos but very hopeful. Qnx was supposed to release the hypervisor for embedded devices so if BlackBerry can leverage that and run two vm’s simultaneously it would be a serious contender. Crossing my fingers but not holding my breath !

  9. I’m in for either dual-boot or just BlackBerry skinned Android. I just want a high end BlackBerry!!

    • See that’s the problem. You cannot Skin BB10 onto Android and expect it to run like BB10. Not possible, and will probably never be possible. HUB for example won’t run on Android as it does on BB10. The Hub worst case, will be a basic app. Personally, ever since BB10, Android is simply useless to me both in my personal life and in business.

  10. @deanicould yes the icon is an Android icon, it’s a blurry picture for a reason in my opinion, If this was real and they had access to take a picture of it sitting on a table it would not be so blurry. Blurry is what happens because people suck at photo shopping stuff so they make it look blurry to mask the crappy job they did. Its a really old technique people used all the time in the past because it was acceptable to have blurry pictures in the past. Today though it’s always telling of a fake. Only my opinion though.

    I also want BlackBerry to create a dual boot OS that would be cool. But one OS will still need to be the Core OS i double the will run both at the same time. That would kill the battery life unless you treated it like a virtual machine and paused one then play the other. I think that would be a little aggressive or over engineered solution that is solved in a much easier way.

    I think the phones are going to run Android as the main OS and the work side of the device will be running BB10, even though it’s a full OS right now I think BlackBerry OS will turn into an app that can be installed on any platform. Think about it now, BES on Android, iOS, Windows is like a mini OS, Calendar, Contacts, Email, Docs to Go, they really are installing another OS inside a container on the device. BlackBerry will come in two flavours in the future, stock BB10 for regulated sectors like banks and government it will require gold licensing to get them on BES. For non regulated sectors Android will be installed with option to install BES for secure work space (SPS). this will require Silver licenses to put on BES. And if you are a consumer that does not need BES then you never install the BES app and you have a Android OS with BlackBerry hardware.

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