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BlackBerry OS 10.3.2 Officially Rolling Out!


The guys over at OurBerries let us know that BlackBerry has began rolling out the new OS for the BlackBerry 10 device. BlackBerry OS 10.3.2 promises some fixes, which was announced earlier this month. Check it out!

If you bought the device from ShopBlackBerry or Amazon, you should be getting the update now. The rest of us will just have a wait a little longer.

Key upgrades in OS 10.3.2 over 10.3.1 includes:

  • Camera
    The camera enhancements with 10.3.2 includes: low light performance in auto-mode, improved face-detection, and reduced blur caused by motion. All of these make taking pictures in any situation as easy as point-and-shoot.
  • BlackBerry Calendar
    As always, when you enable Meeting Mode on your BlackBerry Calendar, your phone automatically sets your phone to quiet for the duration of your meeting. With 10.3.2, you can now customize this feature to work however you need it to by specifying the events controlled by Meeting Mode, such as adding calendars to the ignore list.
    And back by popular demand, your BlackBerry Calendar month view will show shrinking & growing date numbers depending on how busy your schedule is that day to show you just how busy the workday is at a glance.

Via OurBerries

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  1. So we’ll probably see it on a Verizon Q10 in 2016. More likely still, never.

    • Hey david!

      I hope not! But, as mentioned by BlackBerry previously on the announcement of 10.3.2, they did mention about such issue and did say that USA users receiving this update.

      It, however, still seems like the rollout just started since this is being rolled to users using devices that was purchased from shopblackberry and amazon only (for now) and others should see it soon.

      But this device of mine will definitely not see the light of BlackBerry 10 🙁 :'(

      • Blackberry remains as beholden to the USA carriers as they have always been. I have argued for years (just look at my old posts here) they needed to break this reliance, but they plod along letting the carriers dictate their OS rollouts. Google has fallen into the same carrier trap with Android updates. Yet somehow Apple has always had 100% control of iOS releases.

        • If only it were that simple. BlackBerry’s deal with the carriers goes way back before Apple was on the scene. And Google had to rely on many existing phone manufacturers under the same deal. The carrier provided service and support for the devices they sold. Because of that, they controlled the software so they would know what to support.

          After years of such contractually obligated control, Apple comes along with a device with an already waiting audience thanks to the iPod. They want to provide the software and support while the carrier provides only the service. Apple had no previous deals with any carrier, so they come in with a clean slate and a built-in consumer demand to back them up. Verizon (supposedly) balked at relinquishing software control. AT&T said “sure, whatever you want”. AT&T cleans house with their multi-year initial exclusive, and Verizon scrambles for a competitor and goes for the BlackBerry Storm.

          The rest, is sad history for BlackBerry.

          The Google Nexus phones sold on Google Play are the only other devices that can get immediate OS updates, because they don’t fall under carrier support either.

    • I feel the same with Sprint.

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