Review: Noreve BlackBerry Passport Luxury Leather Case (Tradition)


If you guys recall, when the BlackBerry Z30 first came out, I reviewed the Noreve Luxury Leather Case for it. Now, the BlackBerry Passport variant is available and I am happy and honored to be again, able to review this! Noreve makes 2 different types of Luxury Leather casing, which namely is the tradition and Tradition B.


The key differences between the two models is that one is based on a side flip – similar to the Original BlackBerry Passport Leather Flip case, whilst the other is a top to bottom flip, similar to that of Noreve’s offering for the BlackBerry Z30 Leather flip case.


In case you guys are unsure who Noreve is, well, Noreve, is a French company that specializes in high-end, premium custom made leather cases. Noreve has the good taste of the latest trends, exacting and demanding perfection. Everything is based on quality: from the point of view of the materials it uses, Noreve has a reputation for using quality leathers, quality moulds and exceptional cutting techniques.


For the purpose of this review, we got the Noreve BlackBerry Passport Luxury Leather Case in Tradition design with a model code of:

Model : 22233T33/f
Range : Ambition
Colour : Indigo ( Pantone 303U )
Internal lining : Indigo

As a premium luxury case, the gift box that came along with it still screams luxury no matter how you look at it with the comfortable drawstring red coloured pouch to hold the case (and your device should you use it).


Like the BlackBerry Z30’s variant, we get to see the pretty Noreve logo, but they have streamlined the logo design making it flatter, hence, less prone to scratches to the shiny logo. On the top left corner, as you can see, there is also a cut out for the LED notification light which means that even as the device is protected, you still get to see the notifications, if any!

Interior of the case is lined with fine premium Leather embossed with Noreve’s logo.

So what set’s this apart from the rest, such as the Official BlackBerry Passport Leather flip case?

In this case the sides are well protected and the top of the device is a little protected thanks to the slight excess of the leather.

The bottoms is very well protected with more excess leather preventing the device from slipping out and the location of the flap connector being located there.

All the buttons of the device are easily accessible and the flap hinges onto the top to lock itself securely.

The flap also features the power-saving magnet so when you close the case, the phone goes to lock/sleep as well.

I prefer using this over the Tradition B or Official BlackBerry Passport Leather Flip Case simply because it is easier and more convenient for me to type.

Nonetheless, for a premium, beautiful solid case, be sure to look for Noreve’s line of cases, as you get to customize pretty much the colors and type of leather feel to it. Should it be a gift or for yourself, Noreve never fails to impress me.

Noreve’s BlackBerry Passport Luxury Leather Case in Tradition is available now from €45 (€55 if your in the EU due to VAT) be sure to check them out!

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