Global Customers Deploy BES12 Monitoring by GSX Solutions and ISEC7


In my past work life I worked a lot with GSX as a company being a reseller of their products. Seeing this relationship getting stronger with BlackBerry is absolutely fantastic in my opinion. Like anything in the tech space, there may be mixed emotions about their products, different experiences, etc however the company itself was awesome to deal with.

GSX Monitor and Analyzer for BlackBerry:
GSX Monitor and Analyzer is a completely agentless, intuitive monitoring and reporting solution that enables administrators and IT managers to monitor the performance and availability of BES12 from a user perspective. GSX Monitor and Analyzer provides real-time monitoring from a single user interface, and troubleshoots the entire messaging and collaboration infrastructure connected to the BlackBerry environment. This solution provides extensive reporting features, automated trend reports as well as forecasting on availability, performance and usage of the infrastructure. GSX customers and partners such as NovaLink, Inergex and Arrow Communications count on GSX Monitor and Anlayzer to complement their BES12 deployment. Here is what NovaLink had to say about their partnership with GSX and the value of BES12:

“The ability to manage BlackBerry smartphones, iPhones and Androids is a business requirement for most of our clients. With BES12, we are able to meet those needs, bringing out the best in each mobile operating system. Every day, we hear of information falling into the wrong hands, so security is a top priority. BES12 and BBM Protected ensure that personal data is always protected, even if it gets into the wrong hands. It is important that the systems running the mobile communications are monitored as well. With the use of GSX Monitor and Analyzer, we can manage the infrastructure of the whole chain, the mail server and the database.”


ISEC7 EMM Advanced Service Monitoring for BlackBerry:
ISEC7 EMM Advanced Service Monitoring for BlackBerry is a web-based monitoring and management platform which allows IT administrators to view real-time information about the entire mobile infrastructure, as well as perform duties in order to meet the on-going demands of mobile device users. ISEC7 EMM ASM facilitates the use of very complex infrastructures and delivers all relevant information to keep business processes running smoothly and keep costs under control. Customers such as the Munich Airport, Vodafone, Dachser and BNP Paribas trust in ISEC7 EMM ASM for BES monitoring. Here’s what Munich Airport had to say about ISEC7’s EMM ASM and their BlackBerry solution:

“For us, the BlackBerry solution and ISEC7 EMM ASM are the ideal combination of communications and management.  The components of the BES infrastructure as well as ISEC7’s EMM ASM fulfill our high demands regarding security and reliability; ensure efficient communications between our mobile staff and excellent administration. With ISEC7 we have found a competent partner who supports us professionally in all matters regarding our BlackBerry solution.” – The Munich Airport.

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