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Opinion: BlackBerry way to the consumer is to succeed in Enterprise


When John Chen took over Blackberry over a year ago, he split the company to 4 divisions. As you know the divisions are Hardware, BBM, QNX and Enterprise. After that he talked to any Media outlet and he said that the main focus is the Enterprise sector. The way back is to be dominant player in the Enterprise again, to bring back governments and top business to use Blackberry devices and MDM solution.  The first comments about it where that they switch focus from the consumer  market and not care to be small player with loyal niche users. Yes, in the short run blackberry doesn’t  care about other segments besides enterprise, but if we look beyond the next couple of years we may see a different picture. Success in the Enterprise niche will lead to more sales in the consumer market, and why you ask? Very simple to me, when 2500 workers holds Blackberry devices and like them, they would recommend to buy Blackberry to their family and friends. Yes, it’s sounds far away from what is happening now, but that’s the reason they must be a powerful player in that niche. After all that is how BlackBerry rose to success in the past. Blackberry didn’t leave the consumer market, they  are just trying  to find the way again to people’s hart, and what better way then people that tell their friends and family to buy BlackBerry because they got it at work and it’s simply Awesome. Now imagine that Blackberry got more then 500K users in enterprise not just BES12 users, I mean Blackberry devices that workers use. Those workers Experience could be the drive for more sales.  Chen said that he needs 10 million devices sold in every fiscal year to be profitable in the hardware division, he can do better with those numbers if he master the niche market for the next couple years. BBM is part of the deal, but as I see it BBM is not the product that makes you run to buy a blackberry device because but monetizing it is a way to make money for the company.  It’s great that Android, iOS and WP users use BBM, but that’s not the reason they might buy a BlackBerry. People buy what their friends have and say that the product is good. Workers that use Blackberry at work are consumers don’t forget it. So Blackberry didn’t leave that segment, they try to conquer it with different approach (like they did in the first time).

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  1. I agree because remember that is how they got popular in the first place.

  2. I use my Q10 for business and I agree with you and I’ve made this suggestion in different places to really “get things done” more efficiently. (IMO, what is lacking in a business phone)(and still waiting)
    More of a wish:

    Sync incoming call, text or email with Calendar with “few” steps. E.g. When a contact calls, my BlackBerry recognizes who it is and I should be able to open the Calendar choose the day and time and with a click, their name will be inserted.(and all their info such as number, or email address should either be there) or when I click on their name they should come up just in case I need to contact them and won’t have to leave there and go to address book.
    My Calendar, phone, text and email are used to book appoinments on a daily bases and there are way too many steps to accomplish that. Sometimes someone calls when I’m with someone else and I have to open the Calendar find the day and time and then I have to type their name. Multiply those steps thru out the day and every day and “Things are not getting done” the way they should or could. When I had the 9650 someone suggested a third party app called; “add to” but it had just as many steps.
    This has to be native that works seamlessly. Like a started all this: I wish…..

  3. Great Point artiesberry and fully agree. Hopefully John Chen is listening, because in order to be successful in the business world, they need to ensure BB10 is bar none the best, and easiest to manage as you suggested. Wonder if the Classic Device resolves this?

    In my opinion, BlackBerry is pushing ahead within the Enterprise, all while silently chipping away at the Consumer Markets. Based on Mr. Chen’s comments, 2015 should be a nice growth year, if they play there cards right and stick to the schedule. More to come 2015 Mobile Congress.

  4. It’s the only way for BlackBerry. I think if the Google Play store was on the phone instead of the Amazon store it would help also though!

  5. This is is a good plan by blackberry, they have the best features, so why not share them to enterprise users for the right price. Once they establish themselves again and people see they have the best features, they will come back to BlackBerry.

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