Fifty Shades of Grey written on a Blackberry

shades of gray

If you like to write and find yourself handcuffed often, then you should probably make sure you can write with your thumbs or hands held close together, right? So many Hollywood people favored the BlackBerry for so many years for a reason.

Then it should be no surprise that infamous novel-turned-into-movie “50 Shades of Grey” was written on a BlackBerry.

If you’re up to mischief and want to keep it secret, a BlackBerry might be your best choice, too. I’m just saying.

E. L. James, the author, has given interviews to ABC and the Today show, and provided this interesting revelation: she wrote a good portion of the book solely with her thumbs while commuting between her job and her home, like a good slave. How kinky is that? It might have been kinkier if she had used her toes, but then Daniel Day Lewis might have applied for the role of Christian Grey in the movie, and who would want to see Abraham Lincoln doing those things? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Thanks to the BlackBerry and her wild imagination, E. L. James is the author of a cloak and whip saga that has sold more than 100 million books. That is a level of productivity that only a BlackBerry and a very bored wife could provide.

Love it or leave, the book is a huge success and so is the movie. And that with a story that has no vampires or super heroes in it. Try to pull that one off and you’ll see it’s no small feat.

Fifty Shades of Grey got a meager 26% at rottentomatoes, but movie critics see too many movies and have too much sex to appreciate the value of this work. If you want to have an informed opinion, you’ve got to read and see it for yourself. Just make sure you don’t lose the keys.



Now seriously, I recommend reading this article before you go around cursing this book. Whether you agree or not, it has some valid points.

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